Stand with Rand

Some of Senator Rand Paul’s (R, KY) colleagues were left unimpressed by Wednesday’s filibuster.  The day following Paul’s action, Senators John McCain (R, AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R, SC) criticized him, saying Paul was doing a “disservice” to the debate about drones.randpaulfilibuster

When was the last time either McCain or Graham raised concerns over the White House’s use of drones?

“I don’t think what happened yesterday was helpful to the American people…What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,” McCain said.

Since when is proper use of the Senate filibuster abuse?  McCain seems more concerned with getting along with “progressives” in the Senate than preserving the United States Constitution.

Paul was attempting to get the Obama administration to confirm it will not kill non-combatant Americans within the United States.  Graham apparently viewed that as a farcical question.

“I do not believe that question deserves an answer,” Graham stated.

What question would Graham consider worthy of reply?  Do assurances from the DOJ that they will not selectively ignore constitutionally protected rights of American Citizens to judicial due process not qualify?

Concerns over the administration’s drone program led lawmakers to question Attorney General Eric Holder about legal justification for targeting American Citizens.   Similar concerns prompted Paul to begin his filibuster, demanding answers from the White House.  Paul said he would relent only if the Obama administration stated publically that it will not target Americans on American soil.

The administration apparently believed it could kill Americans it suspected of having terrorist ties without putting them on trial.

Concerns over protection of due process for American Citizens are bipartisan.

“You can hear almost unanimous concern about transparency and wrestling with how to move forward here in a way that protects both our constitutional liberties and our security as a nation,” Senator Christopher A. Coons (D, DE) told Holder.

Under careful examination by Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX), Holder repeatedly stated U.S Citizens on American soil were not “appropriate” targets for executions without due judicial process.  Cruz said that was an insufficient answer.  “You keep saying ‘appropriate.’ My question isn’t about propriety. My question is about whether something is constitutional or not,” said Cruz.

McCain and Graham aside, Rand Paul, Christopher Coons and Ted Cruz are on the right side of the debate.

Since McCain and Graham apparently believe it is most important for them to get along with “progressives”, no matter the cost to the Rights of American Citizens at home, their criticism of Paul is out of hand.

Let them face the repercussions in their next election.
Revolution is coming.


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35 Responses to “Stand with Rand”

  1. Stand with Rand Says:

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    • JIM NOBLE Says:


  2. Do You Stand with Rand? :: Minute Men News Says:

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  3. Charles Schmidt Says:

    I stand with rand.RINO
    McCain should retire. We need leaders not wimps in congress. Mc Cain is an American hero and I respect him for the pain he went thrugh but he is not a hero because of any herioc action. He is a hero because he got shot down and became a POW.

  4. lewis black Says:

    absolutely, he is doing a great job, protecting our rights and thew constitution.

  5. Chico Says:

    rand Is The MAN! Like Father Like SON! and McCain and Greyham need to be run off the hill along with the IMPOSTER PRESIDENT!
    AND!!! WHAT IS TAKING US SO LONG? THis administration is nothing but a bunch of communists. and they are working for israel.
    WHEN..Congress has to sign documsnts stating that they will ALWAYS Support Israel as the military superior. Something is wrong on the hill. AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO ROOT THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shelia Rogers Says:


  7. Jon Couchman Says:

    YES YES AND YES I’ll stand with Rand

  8. Gary Says:

    Yes 1000%

  9. Howard Cannon Says:

    Paul Rand, Ted Cruz and the Tea Party seem to be the only this Conservatives have remaining to depend on.
    McCain, Graham and all the other RINO’s have chosen the wrong side.

  10. Bull57 Says:

    This is more than drones. It’s about the halfrican feeling he can do what ever he likes regardless of the constitution. The left knows how to whittle rights away, slowly and methodically. Once those rights disappear then they rely on case presidents to defend them. The lost rights never seem to return!

  11. gary rose Says:

    Anything that Bucks the System most Senators go other way? If Their Real American Senators Suppotting the U.S,A.?? They would follow Rand If not they will go with The Turncoats to U.S.A.Sound right my Belief any how Thank You>>>>>>>>>>>

  12. foxmuldar Says:

    Wish we had more people like Cruz and Rand in Washington. Too many old warthogs remaining and too many Rinos. Rand should be given a pat on the back for his efforts and not lambasted by McCain and his ilk.

  13. Andy Says:

    Yes, I’m glad we have him in the US Senate!!!

  14. Deb Says:

    Finally a man to stand up for the people’s rights. I stand with Rand Paul! We need more people like him,Ted Cruz, and all the others who stood by him when he showed the guts to do what was right.

  15. GLaible Says:

    I’ll stand with Rand Paul. He hasn’t been Royaltised (that is now my new word for all of Congress). They get there and then it is money, money money!!! Whatever Congress passes, it should be passed to them also! Not just the working public.

  16. Dean Kinne Says:

    Rand Paul gives me hope that maybe we have at least some representatives where the people of this country are more important than their purse.

  17. Rockledge Says:

    Dear John, ‘Oh how I hate to write’.. But it’s time for you to consider: •Democrat wanton spending cannot be supported without significant tax increase. It that where you would take us?
    • Warring on American Citizens w/o DUE PROCESS deserves AND received a serious answer.
    To do otherwise disrespects the People AND the Presidency!

  18. Mary Nixon Says:

    I stand with Rand and appreciate the men who came to his side to assist him. It is enlightening to see this as a beginning and we must keep it going. It will not be easy, but it has to happen if we are to save this great and wonderful Country. Many changes have to be made and getting rid of most of what governs us is just one of them. We need to step up and govern ourselves and not trust those who are elected. They are a sorry sight, and think only of bettering their own lives. Diane, Nancy and Barbara should all be replaced, as they have only enriched their lives at our expense. Thank you, Rand, Ted, Mike and all of the others, who gave their support.

  19. Molly Says:

    I applaud Rand Paul l!!!!

  20. Polly Pureheart Says:

    I stood with Rand Paul the night of his filibusterer and sent out emails to everyone I knew to watch and listen to a REAL American doing the work we sent HIM to do and not ride with the wimpy GOP ole Guard who rode 1/2 mile in the 20 car caravan to have the LAST SUPPER at the hotel with the president! I worked for McCain and disliked his whining along with Lindsay Gram! Looks like all it takes for these guys is a free dinner to abandon ship and float to the one side! God Bless Rand and the others who stood with him, you and the USA…I hope this rally continues!

  21. Caroline Says:

    I stand with Rand, Rubio, Cruz and the other GOP Senators who were where they should have been, standing up for democracy and supporting Rand. RINOs Graham and McCain are blatant examples of why we need term limits.

  22. Bless and highly favored Says:

    I stand with Rand too. Mostly, because he is fighting for the lives of America’s unborn children who are being slaughtered by their mothers at a rate of 4,000 a day. As for Rubio, remember that he voted for the NDAA and defended it.

  23. Polly Pureheart Says:

    I continue to applaud Rand, Marc Rubio, along with Ted Cruz and the others who are really fighting for the United States! BTW, has anyone found out how much it cost, we, the Public, when the President took the Ole GOP Guard out for their Last Supper along with the 20 car caravan? I realize no one seems to care about that… in this time of belt tightening!

    • Howard Cannon Says:

      I’m sure it cost more than the White House tours he cancelled.
      That’s OUR WHITE HOUSE that he won’t let us in.

    • Polly Pureheart Says:

      Thanks for your reply, Howard! I think we both are probably right! Heard yesterday on Sean Hanity that there was a movement started by some one on Fox news who had figured security get 50 dollars an hour and is always on guard so their cost would be about 84 thousand per day and volunteers cost US NOTHING…therefore, he had donated a day. so had Sean but no one at the White House of course had responded to keep their repeated calls, fax or emails to keep our house open for the school children who were coming or anyone else! What a let down for kids who had studied, probably worked hard to raise the money to have the WH door slammed in their face by a regime who had told the media and EVERYONE all they did would be an open door! I also heard people across the nation were sending in their own dollars… What I will never understand is: why go to a hotel when there is 24 hour staff at the White House and I am sure they don’t get minimum wage! Nor to we have the additional expense of security, drivers, ETC…Wonder how they would like a peanut butter sandwich, pimento chez, or cold baloney on day old bread? All those elected seem to have forgotten how some people stretch their dollars and some can’t even eat that! Perhaps our elected were all prearranging golf dates, arranging for caddies and selecting security during their spring break! God Bless the USA!

  24. Claire EM Says:

    Yes! Paul Rand has a plan! We need to find out who his picks are and vote em all in. Out with the old, in with the new. One re-newed nation … the people……for the people……..with more of the people like Rand Paul in the White House. There’s work to be done. Start screening for new White House candidates-Rand style

    • Claire EM Says:

      Everything in moderation

      • Polly Pureheart Says:

        Absolutely right! It is very sad to see what ALL of those elected are doing! I appreciate Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Rubio for working for the people…Hope the people will rally and then vote!

      • Howard Cannon Says:

        I would take Rubio off the list that Rand and Cruz are on.
        He doesn’t belong up there.
        He needs to nurse on the “water teet” until he decides which side
        he is on.

  25. Rico Says:

    Obviously, Rand Paul remembers the lessons of history: Waco and Ruby Ridge. As for McCain, Benedict Arnold was a decorated war hero too.

  26. jack Says:

    We need more leaders who will stand up to the anti-America and American, anti-business, anti-worker—well, just about anything negative for us—administration in Washington and else where around the country. None of Obama’s policies or little accomplishments have been supported by the people. Some good leaders and the American public must tell the country what is really going on—lies, lies and lies made to look good to hide the fact that America is being destroyed from within. If Paul Rand can start this with others, time is of the essence.

    • Howard Cannon Says:

      I would like to think what Paul Rand did was contagious but I’m afraid the others have been immunized already.

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