Rush Limbaugh Is Not The Problem

This is not a defense of Rush Limbaugh. Rush can take care of himself. This is about a much bigger problem within a much bigger picture.

Have you seen the latest hit piece on Yahoo’s Destination 2012 web-site by David Crary of the Associated Press? Not surprisingly, this latest salvo is aimed directly at Rush Limbaugh. Contrary to the opinion being fostered by the institutionalized “progressive” left smear machine and their eager lapdogs in the “progressive” Party Pravda, Rush Limbaugh is not the problem.

Crary’s failed attempt at journalism is yet another premeditated, coordinated attempt by the institutionalized “progressive” left to portray Conservative refusals to submit to violations of their First Amendment Rights as an attack on all women. House Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Darrell Issa are but two prominent Republicans who have already fallen for that bait, hook, line and sinker.

Sandra Fluke, a 30-year old law student isn’t some little girl fresh from mummy and daddy’s house. She just happens to be a leader of a women’s “reproductive rights” group. No matter how much Nancy Pelosi orchestrated whining Fluke does about the cost of contraceptives, there’s simply no escaping the fact that Planned Parenthood gives contraceptives away.

Of course, the current White House occupant simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to come to the rescue. Somehow, bo managed to find time between wasting taxpayer money on failing green energy companies or flying off in Air Force One to a campaign fund-raiser to contact Fluke by telephone while she was waiting to go on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports”.

When is occupy Oval Office going to denounce million dollar campaign donor Bill Maher’s calling Sarah Palin “a c*nt”? When is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going to admit that the left is, at the very least, equally responsible for “The fact that our political discourse has become debased in many ways”? Were Fluke not an operative for the “progressive” left’s smear machine, she’d describe Maher’s remark as “really outside the bounds of civil discourse”. You can bet a $5 gallon that’s not going to happen.

This is not about contraception. This is not about a Conservative attack on all women. This is about the institutionalized “progressive” left’s agenda to silence dissent…after they spent 2000 to 2008 shouting that dissent is patriotic.

“progressives” are pathetic, forked tongued, two faced, back-stabbing, hypocritical liar who will do whatever it takes to steal the 2012 election. Conservatives aren’t taking that anymore.


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13 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh Is Not The Problem”

  1. kender Says:

    “When is White House Press Secretary Jay Carney going to admit that the left is, at the very least, equally responsible for “The fact that our political discourse has become debased in many ways”?”

    Equally responsible? I see it at best 60/40 with the left owning the larger number. And I am being generous and, pardon the expression, conservative in my numbers. The left constantly derides the right with calls of racist, homophobes, misogynist, imperialist and more….and what do we call them? Thieves, liars and hypocrites, badges of honor they wear proudly in their pursuit of their utopian hell.

    I recently heard several conservative say “I’m not playing nice anymore and I say it’s about time, I’ve not played nice for years as I have long considered playing nice to being silenced and it is only through our silence that they can achieve victory.

  2. mjfellright Says:


    I hope you noticed that it was phrased as: “at the very least,equally responsible”, which is semi-polite politispeak for: Jay Carney is full of dog stool.

    Thanks for reading and responding!

    • kender Says:

      I have quite a few blogs I am subscribed to….but few I will always read, and yours is one of them I always read when a new post comes out….and I did catch “at the very least”….and you’re more polite than I am

  3. EFPaisley Says:

    The liberal, leftist, progressives, whatever they call themselves nowadays are constantly bullying anyone with a conservative opinion. But then they run advertisements about stopping bullying. I hope Sara Palin is not waiting by the phone for an apology from BO about Maher’s comments……..

    • mjfellright Says:

      Good insight on bullying advertising. Another fine example of hypocrisy from “progressives”. I’m sure Sarah Palin knows better than to wait for a call from anyone regarding Maher’s comments.

  4. Kerry Royce Says:

    The Daily Caller has written an article outing Sandra Fluke as “no novice in the political arena.… Fluke has a long history of feminist advocacy: The Washington Post reported Fluke entered Georgetown Law well aware that the school’s insurance plan did not cover contraception, only to spend the next three years lobbying the school to change its policy. Fluke attended Cornell University from 1999 to 2003 where she received a BS in Policy Analysis & Management and Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies”. The article goes on to chronicle fluke’s participation in rallies supporting abortion, protesting the war in Iraq, etc. Her participation in SAGE (Students Acting for Gender Equality) while at Cornell is documented in the article. She was SAGE’s treasurer.
    This whole Sandra Fluke affair doesn’t pass the smell test. I believe that this was a contrived controversy by the left-leaning media and the left-leaning politicos in Washington DC. This is not some victimized average third-year law student. She is relishing her new national stage to push her hard left feminist agenda on anyone within earshot. She is an activist who got her moment in the sun and I don’t think we’ve heard the last of Sandra Fluke. This is just another well choreographed show by the progressives meant for consumption by the ignorant masses.

    • mjfellright Says:

      Indeed…the “progressive” left have been acting in coordinated fashion since the 1960’s anti-war movement, which was nothing but an Alinsky community organizing exercise to bring like minded radicals together.

  5. martin Says:

    wow, amazing!. you guys are clueless. 73% of women in the USA want FREE oral contraceptives, think about that for a min, in political terms that is a tsunami coming your way and will rise up in the next election. GOP is toast this cycle and perhaps another 10 years. Conservatism is a failure and the GOP will pay for it;

    • mjfellright Says:

      “progressives” want everything for free all the time. The people of America (including women) who work hard to pay for your “free” stuff are not going to be bullied by leftist nitwits into paying for it anymore. “progressivism” has been a repeated failure throughout history, and “progressives” will fail again. Take a bath and get a job.

      • martin Says:

        so your saying you disagree with 2/3rds of the women in america? dude, if your single, good luck getting a date! this is 2012 not 1951. we will never go back to that time. minorities and women were treated badly and white males were bigots. luckily that time has passed. in Houston texas anglos make up only 38% of the population. blacks and hispanics are the majority….so you might want to adjust or get left behind.

      • martin Says:

        station drops limbaugh
        the first of many! savitch is next! lets clear the decks of the white male bigots on talk radio!

    • mjfellright Says: whole station drops Limbaugh…assuming, of course, that there’s a shred of truth to your “reporting”. Do tell, where are all your popular “progressive” talk show hosts? Oh yeah, there aren’t ANY! Your “progressive” mouthpieces reside at places like MSNBC, a pitifully failing network that consistently finishes dead last in the ratings.

      As for your numbers…the fact that you use media matters as your source of “information” shows that you’re repeating “progressive” lies.

      It’s always so easy to spot a “progressive” troll. They always play the race card.

      You’re pathetic and predictable. The more you post the more you embarass yourself and your “cause”.

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