The “progressive” War On Christianity

This past week, Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced a decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Their decision was based on the fact that to a large measure, the business of Planned Parenthood is abortion. A determination substantiated by a statistical analysis of Planned Parenthood’s services.

Planned Parenthood continues to insist that they provide badly needed healthcare services to low income women. Never mind that 38.4% of Planned Parenthood health center income comes directly from aborting unborn children. This may come as quite the shock to Americans whose political views reside on the left end of the spectrum, but pregnancy is not a disease. Abortion doesn’t cure anything. In the caring, non-savage world, reproductive healthcare means keeping expectant mothers and their unborn babies healthy, not killing the unborn babies.

This became a huge, front-page news story that led the nightly national television news cycle. Public pressure from left wing politicians like Nancy Pelosi and “progressive” activist groups managed to coerce The Komen Foundation into reversing their courageous decision. The politicizing of this decision was clearly out of bounds, since The Komen Foundation is a private organization that is free to operate their charity as they see fit. This is yet another example of the “mainstream” media’s persistent pattern of aiding and abetting leftist positions.

Prior to that, ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC all ignored the Department of Health and Human Services decision that by Aug. 1, religiously inspired hospitals, schools and charities that hire outside their faith must offer insurance coverage for sterilization, abortifacients and contraceptives without deductibles or co-pays. What this means is, the Catholic Church will be forced to either comply with a Congressional law prohibiting the free exercise of their religion, a clear violation of the First Amendment, or close down hospitals, universities and charities. That the media would fail to report on this unconstitutional power grab by the United States government stands in stark contrast to their open eagerness to defend “progressive” agenda items like abortion.

It’s easy to identify where, when and why a clearly biased media openly takes sides in an unprecedented government assault on Christianity. But the blame doesn’t reside solely within the “progressive” Party Pravda. If you’re a pro life Christian who voted for “progressive” politicians and their empty promises of hope and change, you are partly to blame for their war on Christianity.

The remedy is both simple and obvious. In November 2012 “progressive” politicians must be voted out of power.


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One Response to “The “progressive” War On Christianity”

  1. Kerry Royce Says:

    I had thought we’d put the abortion argument to bed along time ago. The facts of the matter are this: in sexual reproduction when the sperm meets the egg cell division begins pretty darn quickly. I won’t argue the abortion debate here. But I’ve tried to explain to my liberal friends who believe that a zygote is not a human being which it’s not, then it’s okay to abort it because you’re not killing a human. I try to explain that acorns are not Oaktree’s either but if you crush the acorn you don’t get an Oaktree. Anyway, then you get into the definition of what is a human being blah, blah, blah, blah… Is my Down’s syndrome nephew truly a human?

    The point is this: many people get an abortion because a baby is simply an inconvenient consequence of unprotected sex. And we have been taught since childhood that sex is a right and consequences be damned.
    Abortion is an essential service of Planned Parenthood. But abortion is also a highly charged issue for many Americans. So really it is killing a life because we wanted to have a little bit of unprotected fun in some cases. So I can see why antiabortion critics or pro-lifers (whatever you want to call them) don’t want to fund Planned Parenthood. If progressives want to fund Planned Parenthood with their money I think that’s great. If conservatives don’t want their money to go to Planned Parenthood I think that’s great too.
    Of course the news media is going to choose a side of Planned Parenthood and that is simply the consequence of living in a purposely Balkanized country.

    And the polarization will only get worse until we get through with this election in 2012 when we can get rid of the most polarizing president we’ve had in our lifetime: Barack Arab Spring Obama. Because he’s running for reelection and his platform is polarization and divisiveness. The rich against the poor, the black against the white. The progressive versus the conservative, the 99%’ers versus the 1%’ers. Divisiveness not cohesiveness is the America of 2012.

    Komen should be able to decide whoever gets their money in a free society. But the America of 2012 is not a free society. You are not free practice your religion freely for fear of being arrested or accused of a hate crime, etc. now I don’t think many conservatives care whether gays and lesbians get married or not, or whether progressives choose to have abortions or not. But, it is this shoving down of the throat of progressive morals on the conservatives that gets conservatives upset. Of course the conservatives are always evil in the eyes of the news media. Just look at the evil Tea Party people! It is the lies and the demagoguery on issue after issue by the progressives that gets the conservatives upset. The demagoguery of this issue with the Susan G Koman organization is a case in point!

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