Why-Not Ron Paul

Greetings from Los Angeles County.  That’s Los Angeles CA, the State who’s Repubican Party gave the world President Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan was a great leader who built a winning coalition on fiscal responsibility, traditional American moral values and peace through strength. President Reagan’s policies created years of robust economic growth in America while leading to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the removal of the Berlin Wall.

The only point of agreement between Reagan’s winning Republican coalition and Ron Paul is fiscal responsibility. Ron Paul and his supporters should get honest with themselves and the electorate and admit they’re Libertarians, not Republicans.

Ron Paul supporters in LA County have worked with the Chairman of the LA Progressive Democratic Caucus to protest American military involvement overseas, and sought cooperation with Occupy LA, whose permit to camp out on the LA City Hall lawn was paid for by Communist Party USA.

This is not the behavior of people who would be a part of President Ronald Reagan’s winning coalition.


11 Responses to “Why-Not Ron Paul”

  1. Made in USA Blog (@Alex4Liberty) Says:

    You’re right. True conservatives are apalled at some of the liberal-progressive policies of Reagan/Bush. Republicans do not have a carte blanche hold on conservatism and should be honest with themselves. Right-Libertarians, such as Ron Paul, have more integrity and philosophical honesty than the power brokers in the Republican party.
    Right-Libertarians, such as those in the Cato Institute, believe in the ideals of the Enlightenment, that all should be free to pursue happiness and success at their own pleasure and their own risk. They see government as the night watchman, not the Nanny State that most Republicans and Democrats support.
    Liberal Republicans on the other hand, want the state to support a massive military industrial complex, have supported and expanded the New Deal programs of FDR, such as Medicare, and are hardly distinguishable from Liberal Democrats.

  2. mjfellright Says:

    What liberal-progressive policies did Reagan follow?

    As stated in the article, except for fiscally, I wouldn’t describe Libertarians as Conservative. However, I do agree that as a man and as a candidate, Ron Paul is more honest than the Republican Party power brokers…aka Rockefeller Republicans, Establishment Republicans, RINOS, “progressives” infesting the Republican Party. I speak directly to this in the post “America or Europe”.

  3. Nick Hankoff Says:

    This is shoddy analysis. The title says “Why Not Ron Paul” but the case just isn’t made by Fell.
    The first contention is just hero worship for Ronald Reagan which conveniently leaves out the fact that Ron Paul was one of the first and only four Republicans supporting Reagan for president in 1976. In 1979 Ronald Reagan told Reason magazine that “libertarianism is the conscience of conservatism.” Ronald Reagan, however, did not live up to the high standard set by his truthful rhetoric when he expanded deficit spending and increased the size of the Department of Education. On defense, Ronald Reagan pulled troops from Lebanon because he saw that intervening in internal affairs with a country holding no substantial threat of national security for America was unsound policy.
    Still, there is no case made for “Why Not Ron Paul.”
    The second contention is just lazy guilt by association and citing very little evidence. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about communicating with Occupiers. They have not heard the case for Capitalism made properly by the media or the mainstream conservative movement so what’s wrong with explaining to them that the Federal Reserve System robs wealth via inflation?
    As far as this assertion that Ron Paul fans are somehow in conspiracy with the Progressive Caucus – that is absurd. You must be thinking of when I invited Marcy Winograd over to my home for an antiwar meeting. This was not a partisan event and it was just me inviting like-minded people over to discuss the antiwar movement. It’s pretty silly to point out an instance of me having a private event in my home as a reason “Why Not Ron Paul.” Don’t forget, the top 3 employers of donors to Ron Paul 2012 are the US Navy, US Air Force and US Army. They want to end the wars too.
    This is a very weak sell on “Why Not Ron Paul.”

    • mjfellright Says:

      As stated in the article, I believe that Ron Paul and Libertarians are fiscally Conservative. I think that he’s honest in his expressed desires to reduce our bloated government with real cuts, not just smoke and mirror accounting tricks where the end product is nothing more than marginally reducing the amount of increased spending. I agree with the vision of our Founders, less government, a balanced budget, adherence to the Constitution, and a return to individual responsibility. I don’t disagree with Ron Paul or Libertarians on any of those issues. I’ve read “The Revolution”. I know Rep Paul’s message and positions first hand from his book.

      That being said, I don’t agree with people who openly work with Progressive Democrats to undermine national security in a world that’s far different from that of the 1700s, or choose to identify and cooperate with OWS. If familiar with Beck, you know the insidious Communist influence on Progressives and the useful idiots of OWS. Communism is the antithesis of everything for which the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution stand. Communists are openly hostile to and display clear disdain, not respect for traditional American moral values.

      Peace through strength does not mean nation building, being the world’s police force, or an imperialist nation. It does means we’re strong enough militarily for other people in the world to know we mean it when we tell them: We’re a sovereign nation that will be openly friendly with you, engage in free trade with you, and work cooperatively with you to build a better planet for all the nations of the world. However, if you attack us we will declare war on you, kill you, break your stuff and leave you alone to rebuild your country. Schoolyard bullies never picks on the biggest, baddest kid on the playground. They preys on the weak.

      • Wiseburn Says:

        Your last paragraph describes exactly what Paul will do. Our military is gravely weakend by the Nation Building, Policing of the world, protecting an Imperial Empire. We have troops in 130 countries.
        We need to bring our troops home from the middle east to rebuild them. Let Germany, Japan and Korea pay for their own defense. We’re broke. When Reagan took over in 1980, our economy (though battered by inflation) was much stronger than now. We were a manufacturing giant. Now. we must buy everything from China.

      • mjfellright Says:

        America needs to start manufacturing again, if for no other reason, to level off our trade imbalance. It would be better for American’s to buy products Americans make than it would be to have the wealth created in America since WWII go to China.

  4. Chris Kolski, P.E. Says:

    Chris Kolski – Reply to Michael Fell and the case for
    “Why Ron Paul should be our next President”

    I must voice my objection to the comments you made in your piece Why not Ron Paul.

    First of all, you are performing a character assassination by association on Ron Paul, which is totally unjustifiable. Obviously, Ron Paul has a very diverse support base and just because some of his supporters in L.A. County may have worked with the opposition (democrats) should not cast a shadow on Dr. Paul. This is assassination by association. Besides, many Republicans are working with the opposition in Congress and that in-itself is not objectionable, unless they are shamefully involved in subverting the conservative cause and helping the socialists achieve their goals.

    As to the allegation that his supporters sought to cooperate with Occupy L.A., many different groups from a wide spectrum of political persuasion are trying to influence the protesters there. Many protesters have no clue what they are protesting and need to be informed. All they know is that things are really bad right now. Are the conservatives supposed to just stand by and let more communists and socialists spread their propaganda and subvert even more minds? Hopefully not! There are at least two conservative groups that are trying to provide the demonstrators with the truth. They are trying to channel the anti-corporate and anti-bank sentiment among the protesters and redirect it towards real culprit the Federal Reserve (the bank of banks).

    The damage the Federal Reserve has inflicted ever since its inception in 1913 is overwhelming. It is responsible for the Great Depression, the devaluation of the dollar through inflation, as well as the current financial crisis, which is plunging this country and the world into the Second Great Depression. If the protesters are directed to demonstrate against the FEDS, that’s a good thing.

    Secondly, you bring up our treasured President Reagan as an example. I couldn’t agree with you more as to his accomplishments. He was my inspiration and I served in his campaign as the California Chairman of Poles for Reagan-Bush. I am a life-long Republican and as conservative as one can be, and this is precisely why I support Ron Paul for President. And by the way, the Libertarians are very conservative. They support the U.S. Constitution and the Liberties it guaranties. They also believe that the Federal Government should not get involved in peoples private lives and that any necessary regulations are within the jurisdiction of the states.

    You write, “The only point of agreement between Reagan’s winning Republican coalition and Ron Paul is fiscal responsibility. Well, the socialists have managed to destroy our economy, and we are headed in the wrong direction on a sinking ship. Fiscal responsibility happens to be one of the most important things necessary to fix our sinking ship of state. To fix our current situation requires drastic measures. Conservatives often talk about reducing the government, but how many politicians are serious about doing that. Ron Paul has a long history of voting the right way, refusing to vote for increasing, unnecessary and unconstitutional spending measures. He is the only candidate to propose the elimination of 5 departments from the government. He proposes a concrete budget that will be balance within the first 2 years of his presidency.

    The liberal media is completely ignoring Ron Paul, because they are afraid of him and don’t want to get his conservative message out. When he was in second place less than one percentage point behind Michelle Bachman in the Iowa Straw Poll, the media was broadcasting widely about her winning and the third place and fourth, but they did not even mention the Ron Paul a second place winner. I propose that if the liberal mainstream media is promoting a Republican candidate like Mitt Romney, we better stay away from him. And if they are purposely omitting and ignoring a candidate he is the one we should support.

    There are many misconceptions about Ron Paul. Some say I would support him was it not for his foreign policy, and others talk about his stance on social issues.

    Lets look at some of the social issues first. Ron Paul is a medical doctor who has delivered thousands of babies, holds live as precious, which begins at conception and is against abortion. He is against gay marriage. He supports the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He believes that most of the social issues should be dealt with at the state level not the federal. This is as conservative as you can get – upholding the U.S. Constitution with strict and literal interpretation.

    As to the foreign policy, he is for a strong America, respected by others, and he is definitely for peace through strength, but not for unnecessary war. He believes that we shouldn’t be involved in constant U.N. directed conflicts all over the world, policing the world and be involved in nation building. The most important function of the Federal Government is national defense and to protect our vital interests He believes that when we need to go to war, we should have a well-defined goal and a good prospect of winning. He believes that the U.S. Congress should consider, discuss and declare war. Following these constitutional guidelines will make this country stronger and more respected.

    Some people think that he isn’t a friend of Israel, but this is just not so. When he says that the Arabs hate us because of our help for Israel, he is basically stating a fact and looking at a cause of the problem. He understands that the many Arabs hate Israel and hate those that help Israel. You have to understand the problem to know how to deal with it instead of transferring it to false assumptions.
    Many liberal Jews support politician who take positions, which are contrary to the well being of Israel. If you are looking for an enemy of Israel then all you have to do is look at our current President Barack Obama. His apologies for America, socialist views and his Muslim roots are detrimental to the United States and Israel.

    Ron Paul is a Korean War veteran. He served in the U.S. Air Force for five years.
    He has received more financial support from the uniformed active duty
    servicemen than all the other candidates combined. This is from the courageous fighting men and women who know that they are putting their lives at stake for this country, but want to know their sacrifice is for a good reason.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate who can turn our country around and bring back prosperity, respect and peace.

  5. mjfellright Says:

    I suggest you read my response to Nick Hankoff, who amuses me when he describes my analysis of Reagan’s success as hero worship. It would be well within bounds to descripe the almost cult like devotion to Ron Paul in precisely the same terms…and I’d find many, many people who’d agree.

  6. Chris Kolski, P.E. Says:

    After reading your response to Nick Hankoff, I must note that you pretty much agree with him and actually make a case for Why Yes – Ron Paul.

    Except for your middle paragraph, where you talk about some alleged actions of some of his supporters, you basically agree with Nick. Ron Paul cannot be responsible for some alleged missteps of some of his supporters. I am sure that these supporters are conservatives and those on the other side, who choose to support Paul, will only help the cause to elect him. Although Ron Paul has an uphill battle to get the nomination, once nominated he has a better chance to beat Obama, because of some democrat crossover from those, who want the end to the war.

    In match-ups Obama vs. Republican Field, only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul come-up on top. Ron Paul even has a chance of winning California and any Republican who wins California will win the Presidency. As to Romney, I don’t wish to have a Republican Obama in the White House.

    You are right, when you say that there is a proper comparison between the “hero worship” for Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul. That is because both men have and deserve to have the cult-like devotion and praise for what they did and said on behalf of freedom and conservatism (constitutionalism). The cult-like devotion is in no way a negative thing; it just shows unwavering support for great leaders.

    Ronald Reagan brought an inspiring breath of fresh air in days of the stale and depressing politics of Jimmy Carter and liberal democrat dominated Congress.
    His pro-liberty conservative message resonated with the people and changed American politics for years to come. He cut taxes and showed how this has stimulated the economy, creating jobs and prosperity, and led to the longest lasting economic expansion in history. He promoted a smaller government, but failed to stop an expansion of his government, partially due to the democratic Congress. He insisted on line item veto reduce unnecessary spending.

    I especially appreciated his though anti-communist stance and peace through strength agenda. Having first hand knowledge of communist repression, I am a staunch anti-communist and am against all forms of leftist ideologies including: Communism (Internationalist Socialism), Nazism (National Socialism), Socialism (Redistribution of Wealth Scheme) , and Fascism (Government-Corporate Partnership). Reagan’s Peace Through Strength and his co-operation with Pope John Paul II led to the Solidarity movement in Poland and the eventual disintegration of Communism in the Soviet Block including breakup of the Soviet Union itself.

    Ron Paul, who was one of the few Republicans to support Ronald Reagan early on in his campaign for President, shares virtually all the above-mentioned qualities and values. I regard him the true Reagan Conservative that many people are searching for but fail to recognize. I challenge anyone to disprove this. Most of the challenges are based on misunderstanding Paul’s positions. He like Reagan has started a peaceful revolution with conservative values and ideas. He has a long record of voting against all legislation that raises taxes, calls for unnecessary spending or is fiscally irresponsible. That’s why he is called Dr. NO in Congress. He is recognized as the father of the Tea Party

    He reaffirms that National Defense is the number one duty and responsibility of the Federal Government. He is for “Peace Through Strength”, that is: Strong National Defense and protection of true American interests, retention of U.S. Sovereignty and Peaceful relations with other countries. He wants a Pro-American Foreign Policy. He wants America to be “Strong, Secure, Respected.” That’s why he gets more financial support from the uniformed active duty servicemen than all the other candidates combined.
    “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.” – Ronald Reagan

    He is against unnecessary American involvement in foreign wars and conflicts.
    It is absolutely imperative here to note that since WWII America has been involved in many wars and conflicts, all of them without the Declaration of War by the U.S. Congress, as required by the Constitution. These are foreign wars, furthering foreign or international interests, defined and directed by bodies such as the United Nations, with many of its members openly hostile to the United States and its interests.

    Ron Paul is against illegal immigration and wants to secure our borders. He says “it’s a matter of National Security. A nation without borders is no nation at all…. As long as our borders remain wide open, the security and safety of the American people are at stake.” He supports common sense reforms such as: enforce border security, no amnesty, abolish the welfare state, end birthright citizenship, protect lawful immigrants. As president, Ron Paul will address immigration by fighting for effective solutions that protect our nation, uphold the rule of law, and respect every American citizen’s civil liberties.

    He is for the protection of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and other rights, and personal liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and in particular the Bill of rights. He is for state rights; as per the Constitution, he believes that the Federal Government should be limited to only the specific powers innumerated in the Constitution and non-other and the rest belong to the people and the states
    He is a Pro-Life Champion as evidence by his record in Congress. He wants to pass a Sanctity of Life Act defining life as beginning at conception.

    He wants to repeal Obama Care.

    He wants to “End the Fed”. The Fed: Dishonest, Immoral, Unconstitutional. There is no greater threat to the security and prosperity of the United States today than the out-of-control secretive Federal Reserve.

    Lower Taxes – Keep more of your money. The power to tax is the power to destroy, which is why Ron Paul will never support higher taxes.

    Protect Gun Rights. Ron Paul’s Pro-Second Amendment Stands. You can check his record. It is pristine.
    “Ron Paul has been a leader in the fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment.” – Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America
    “No member of Congress pays more attention to Second Amendment issues than Dr. Ron Paul.” – Dudley Brown, Executive Director, National Association for Gun Rights
    Right to Work – Workers’ Rights. Forced unionism violates the Constitution.
    That’s why Ron Paul has been a strong supporter of the National Right to Work Act in Congress.

    He is for Energy Independence through free market solutions. “The free market – not government – is the solution to America’s energy needs. He will be a Pro-Energy President.

    And Ron Paul is the only candidate, who possesses the understanding, know-how and proven record and the guts for what must be done to change the course of this country. You can check it out for your self on his website http://www.ronpaul2012.com under the ISSUES and Ron Paul “Plan to Restore America”

  7. mjfellright Says:

    I completely disagree with the notion that Ron Paul deserves the same admiration as does Ronald Reagan. Compared to the accomplishments of Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul’s accomplishments include exactly what? I keep hearing “Ron Paul believes this, Ron Paul wants to do this, Ron Paul will do this”. Other than delivering lots of babies and being re-elected to Congress, what exactly has he actually accomplished?

    All the candidates express the need for a strong national defense. They all want to repeal obamacare. They all want lower taxes. They all want reduced government. The are only two places where Ron Paul differentiates himself. Ending the Fed and border security. He’s the only one who openly calls for an end to the Fed. Where illegal immigration is concerned, Ron Paul is opposed to building a fence to help secure the border.

    Ron Paul continuously denies the threat of Islamofascism and is unconcerned by the prospects of a nuclear armed Iran. Following the attacks of 9/11 and others since (name one that wasn’t by a Muslim), this is a very, very foolish position.

    He wants to legalize drugs and prostitution. Thats not what I call traditional American moral values.

    Oh, and when I started the Westwood Tea Party in 2009, Ron Paul never figured into it. Ever. Not once. Not even for a split second. The “Ron Paul is the father of the Tea Party” line is only believed by Ron Paul supporters. In reality, Barry Goldwater is the grandfather of the Tea Party. He came before either Ronald Reagan or Ron Paul.

    You can talk until you are exhausted and fall flat on your face. You will never, ever convince me that Ron Paul is the best candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination.

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