Voting “Present”…Again

The approval of a pipeline to deliver abundant Canadian oil to the United States could create 100,000 jobs and help ease America’s dependency on foreign oil, much of which is imported from countries hostile to America.

This should be a no brainer.

That is, unless you’re an ideologically controlled politician concerned with maintaining electoral support from environmentalists who see any development whatsoever as a viscous, mean spirited assault by razor toothed blood sucking demon capitalists on poor defenseless mother earth.

How else can you explain why the current administration is intentionally dragging its feet on making this decision until after the 2012 election?  Instead of alienating an element of his electoral base ahead of what’s expected to be a close election, isn’t it in his best interests to delay the decision?

This is in the face of  Sinopec, a Chinese-controlled company, having already invested $5.5 billion in a planned pipeline to the Pacific coast.  This pipeline will facilitate transporting the oil to China, a country that’s more than happy to purchase a supply which could reach 3 or 4 million barrels a day.

In light of America’s current 9% unemployment rate, why is the “jobs first” “we can’t wait” “pass this bill” White House willing to forgo the creation of 100,000 jobs?  Why are they willing to delay doing business with a Canadian oil producer puzzled by America’s failure to seal a deal which would provide an additional measure of supply security?  Why are they willing to sit idly by and allow America’s growing economic competetor (China) to capitalize on the opportunity?

Apparently feeling that labor unions will remain true blue to supporting his re-election effort, the current White House occupant must feel the need to pander to the environmentalist members of his base.

Not only is this a sad commentary on the anti-business economic climate within “progressive” circles, it’s the height of hypocrisy coming from someone who’s spent the last few months railing  on the jobs issue. 

This is all about politics.  This is about putting interests in his own re-election ahead of the interests of the United States.  If doing so increases his odds for staying in the White House, the former State Senator from Illinois is more than willing to vote “present”…again.


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