Don’t Build SNOWMEN, See It.

On Saturday October 22, I attended a special showing of the new children’s movie “Snowmen”, by the Producers of “The Passion of The Christ”, “Braveheart”, and “We Were Soldiers”, which stars Ray Liotta, Christopher Lloyd and Bobby Coleman.

 “Snowmen” is as well produced and directed as any movie made in Hollywood today.  The story, acting, cinematography and sound quality stand up to any production currently in theatres.  Additionally, “Snowmen”is refreshingly devoid of overbearing computerized special effects.  The movie relies on the storyline rather than cheap flashy visual gimmicks.  While the story does sucumb somewhat to Hollywood’s now familiar “everyone goes home with a warm fuzzy feeling inside” predictability, there’s nothing particularly new, shocking or negative about that in a children’s movie.  After all, Disney’s been following this same formula since the 1950s.

“Snowmen” is populated by real people feeling real emotions.  These are believable characters, complete with parents, teachers, neighbors, friends and schoolyard bullies.  What’s great about “Snowmen” is, at a time when children are being targeted and inundated by messages of violence, hatred, greed and promisquiety, “Snowmen” successfully conveys a responsibly positive, wholesome message.  If you’re looking for an antidote to Hollywood’s typically negative fare, replete with subliminal “progressive” brainwashing, “Snowmen” is it.  See it.  Take your children and/or grandchildren to see it.


One Response to “Don’t Build SNOWMEN, See It.”

  1. Peggy Kannaday Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks a million for the information.
    It seems that more and more good quality movies are being produced.
    Let’s all support them!
    A new day is coming! Hallelujah!

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