Saudis Before Americans?

Based on allegations that there was an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the United States, the current White House occupant and his Attorney General chose to take action against Iran.  Since the alleged Iranian plans violated American and international laws, as well as centuries of ambassadorial protocol, one can argue that it was important for the administration to take these actions.  While those may prove to be defensible reasons, there remain underlying questions that are largely being ignored.

While Iran was funding counterinsurgencies and smuggling weapons used to kill Americans into Iraq and Afghanistan, it was OK with the current administration to maintain a policy of engagement with Iran.  Why?  What words, deeds or actions forthcoming from Iran justified that policy?  Why was it OK to talk with instead of getting tough with Iran while they were actively engaged in the killing of Americans and pursuing nukes?

Then, when a member of the Royal Saudi family was at risk, action was required.  Why?  What makes the life of one Saudi citizen more valuable than the lives of American service men and women?  Did it have anything to do with the mindset of an individual sitting in the White House who repeatedly apologized to the world for and openly disavowed belief in American exceptionalism?  Did it have anything to do with the mindset of an individual who bowed to the Saudi King?

It’s both reasonable and responsible to pose such questions.  With the USA’s foreign policies being held in disrespect around the globe, with America’s economy reeling from anti-business big government policies, and with long time American allies wondering where they stand, it’s the duty of all American Citizens to question the motives and actions of the individual currently occupying the desk that once bore the sign “The Buck Stops Here”.


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