“progressives” Prepare To Riot

Self avowed Communist and former White House “green jobs czar” Van Jones has crawled out from under his rock to rear his anti-American, cop hating fringe radical head once again.  He recently asserted on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that America’s deficit problem is “phony”.  He didn’t stop there.  Jones continued: “Hold on to your hats, we’re going to have an October offensive to take back the American dream and rescue America’s middle class.”



With the current national debt at $14.5 trillion and rapidly growing, not including the costs of unfunded mandates for big government socialist programs, how is that “phoney”?  Will it also be “phony” when bill collectors come knocking on America’s door?  Since when has shredding the Constitution and destroying free market capitalism described “the American dream”?  Exactly how does ending a system that created the largest, most affluent middle class in world history “rescue” the middle class?

Van Jones is a long time fringe radical hell bent on overthrowing the American system.  It’s been his life’s work.  His “bottom up, top down, inside out” strategy depends on riots in the streets (bottom up), so his radical allies in Washington DC can impose “control” (top down) and turn the country “inside out” by God knows what kind of big government control of We The People.  This might very well be enforced by the barrel of a gun.  Image life under martial law, run by the corrupt thugocracy currently occupying the White House.  Since, much to fringe radical “progressive’s” dismay, the Tea Party has failed to oblige them by acting violently, the only solution left to “progressives” is to incite violence themselves.

Should this country descend into mayhem the blame will rest squarely on the shoulders of fringe radical elements like Van Jones and his “progressive” band of extremists.  Their intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice has promoted the hateful rhetoric of “progressives” to the point that it’s found its way into the living rooms of Americans. 

Be forewarned Americans.  October is scheduled for violence.  “progressive” violence.  Do not be fooled.  The violence in the streets will be largely as it was back in the 1960s.  Perpetrated by fringe radical anti-American elements devoted to the destruction of the United States.  The difference this time will be,  instead of standing up for America, the White House will be siding with the radicals.

3 Responses to ““progressives” Prepare To Riot”

  1. Peggy Kannaday Says:

    Dear Friend,
    Thank you for your prophetic warnings to the wise. May all the people humble ourselves, pray, seek The Lord’s face and turn from our wicked ways, and then the Lord will hear, forgive our sins, and heal our land.
    Dear Father, Please turn back all of the plans of Satan for America, and raise up Your mighty standard all over this land.
    Please bring America back to our foundation of Jesus Christ, The Gospel and our Constitution.
    Please raise up mighty men and woman of boldness and courage who will enforce our laws, and who will be good stewards of the authority and power that is given to them by the people.
    Righteousness exalts a nation and people, but sin and evil bring destruction, shame and reproach.
    Please bring justice, judgment, prosecution in behalf of all of the innocent blood shed. Please bring repentance to America. Please give all of the people the fear of almighty God which is the beginning of wisdom.
    Please expose all of the evil deeds of darkness Lord, and please destroy all of the works of Satan in the all powerful Name of Jesus Christ, by the blood of The Lamb and according to The Word of God.
    Amen, amen and amen.

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