The Party of No and No Transparency.

Which political Party in America is the Party of NO?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the Republican Party.  It’s the “progressive” Party, formerly known as the Democratic Party.  The misinformation that the Republican Party is the Party of NO is pure unadulterated propoganda manufactured by “progressive” smear meisters and propogated by lying, two faced hypocritical “progressive” politicians and obedient, submissive, tail wagging lapdogs in the “progressive” Party Pravda (formerly known as the mainstream media).

Since the Republican Party took over control of the House of Representatives following the historic 2010 election, they’ve passed a budget for 2010 (something the “progressive” Party failed to do under former Speaker Nancy Pelosi) and 2011, passed two compromise pieces of legislation that not only would have prevented a government shutdown over budget cuts, would have prevented the following downgrade of the United States’ credit rating.  The credit rating downgrade resulted from a complete unwillingness of Senate “progressives” to cut unbridled, out of control big government spending.  With the “full faith and credit of the United States” at stake, Senate “progressives” and their less than zero hero in the White House all said NO.

House Republicans just passed a continuing resolution that will keep the government running and pay for the additional costs of FEMA through budgetary savings elsewhere.  The “progressive” Party’s response?  A quick vote to shelve  the House’s legislation and continue fostering manufactured crisies through the practice of misguided, destructive, unnecessary political brinksmanship.  The real Party of NO rears its ugly head yet again.

 Which political Party in America is the Party of NO transparency?

Which political Party is responsible for the “stimulus” and Obamacare, both of which were voted on in the midst of manufactured crisis after being written by a tiny minority of “progressive” Party leaders behind closed doors with zero input from Republicans? 

Which political Party is responsible for the creation and implementation of Fast and Furious, and for stonewalling its investigation by Congress?  Fast and Furious has led to the death of at least one American border agent, not to mention an as yet undetermined number of innocent American and Mexican civillians.  Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace over Watergate.  Nobody died because of Watergate.  Both Eric Holder and his boss should be under criminal investigation right now.

Top executives from Solyndra exercised their Fifth Amendment Rights before a Congressional investigation.  Where’s the transparency from White House cronies?  Why were they given loan guarantees for half a billion dollars under fast track conditions dictated by the White House?  Perhaps if “progressives” actually practiced transparency rather than just lying about practicing it, we’d have an inkling about why the $38.6 billion loan guarantee program the current White House occupant said would create 65,000 jobs only created 3,545, according to Energy Department records.

 Which political Party brought us LightSquared?  Do you call having Four Star Gen. William Shelton being urged to alter his testimony before Congress to make it more favorable to a company with close ties to the White House, while potentially compromising military safety transparency?  Only if you’re a “progressive”.

Actions speak louder than words…or in this case, acts of corruption speak louder than empty, rhetorical campaign promises.


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