obama’s “New” Jobs Plan

Class war.

The wealthy don’t pay enough taxes? Sorry, the facts don’t support that allegation, whether your name is Warren Buffett or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The facts are, the top 5% of earners in the United States pay more taxes than the other 95% combined. Another inconvenient truth for the emperor is that 45% of wage earners in the United States pay ZERO income tax. I agree that everyone should pay their fare share. Tax rates should be lowered for high income earners and the 45% who currently pay NOTHING should start paying their fair share.

The “stimulus” bill, besides wasting millions of $$ creating sight pollution along American highways with fraudulent signage, “saved” public sector union jobs in blue States where busted budgets could no longer support the outrageously unfair and unwarranted cadillac retirement and healthcare benefits passed by “progressive” State legislatures and signed into law by “progressive” governors in a quid quo pro exchange for union votes. Now that the money’s run out on the failed first “stimulus”, emperor less than zero needs another round of spending to finance those same public sector union costs between now and November 2012 in what will be an unsuccessful attempt to get re-elected. He won’t get the votes of people who understand that politicians who buy votes with taxpayer’s money are criminals. Especially when the ones paying the taxes outnumber those who’re helping the crooks.

At risk of sounding like a broken record:

Government spending on jobs doesn’t create wealth. Thanks to the cost of government overhead, government spending on “jobs creation” is a net loss. Additionally, government jobs consume wealth.

The private sector creates wealth, which leads to real jobs that last for years or even decades. The job of the government is to create a business climate that encourages investment, growth and wealth creation in the private sector. Any government that fails in that endeavor is not doing their job. Anyone who’s paying attention to reality knows that the current White House occupant is aggressively doing the opposite.

The current grade for emperor less than zero’s job performance?

F- – –


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