Obama’s Relevant Bravery

The current White House occupant tried to sound both relevant and brave today, calling out Congressional Republicans, imploring them to “put country before Party”.

Exactly what do you mean by that “mr president”?

Do you mean putting country before Party the way your political Party did when they ignored the wishes of the majority of Americans and shoved an unconstitutional healthcare plan down their throats?

Do you mean putting country first in the same way your Party’s then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and members of the Congressional Black Caucus intentionally marched smugly, defiantly and arrogantly through a Tea Party crowd knowing they opposed the healthcare legislation about to be enacted?

Do you mean putting country before Party as do members of the Congressional Black Caucus when they tell other Americans “they can go straight to hell” or allege that some Americans want to see other Americans “hanging on a tree”?

Do you mean putting country first like when your union boss political allies declare war on other Americans in their speeches while warming up your crowd before your speech?

Do you mean placing country before Party the way your Vice President does when he refers to other Americans as “barbarians”?

Do you mean putting country first in the same fashion as your Attorney General, who knowingly lied to a Congressional Committee about his knowledge of Fast and Furious, which was involved in the murder of a Border Agent, an American Citizen?

Do you mean putting country before Party in the way you did when you first met with Republican leaders in early 2009 and arrogantly stated: “I won”?

Is that what you mean?

Actions clearly show that it’s you, your political Party and it’s allies who’re responsible for having set  the bar when it comes to a highly partisan tone, incendiary rhetoric and calls for violence.   It’s not the GOP, nor is it the Tea Party.

Should this country descend into violence the blame will rest squarely on your shoulders “mr president”.  Your intellectual dishonesty and moral cowardice have allowed the hateful rhetoric of your “progressive” friends to flourish while fanning the flames by holding them to a different standard than you do Conservative Americans.


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