Rick Perry–The New Sarah Palin?

Is Rick Perry the new Sarah Palin?

In some ways no, of course not.  Sarah Palin has yet to declare herself a candidate for the GOP presidential nomination.  Remember, she ran as the Vice Presidential candidate on the 2008 ticket.  Sarah Palin has never led a GOP presidential poll, while Perry’s the current front runner.  Then, of course, there’s the painfully obvious gender difference.

But in other important ways, Rick Perry is the new Sarah Palin…or more accurately, he’s the latest target for attack from the radical, “progressive” smear machine. 

This is not even close to a new phenomenon.

Ronald Reagan was an amiable dunce.  A failed B-move star wannabe.  A trigger happy cowboy who’s foreign and domestic policies would usher in economic ruin and initiate geopolitical catastrophe.  Never mind that his economic policies triggered the longest period of economic growth in American history, or that his foreign policies led to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

George W. Bush was the dumbest human being to ever walk on planet earth, despite the fact that he, like “progressive” “genius” Barry Soetoro was an Ivy League graduate.  Vice President Dan Quayle was a blithering idiot because he once mispelled potato.  Never mind that the current Vice President enthusiastically asked a cripple in a wheelchair to stand up before a crowd, or cited visits to a diner in his home State that had long since been closed.

There are other examples but the point is, if they’re in all ways equal, a “progressive” is a “genius” while their political opponent is a staggeringly ill equipped incompetent who drools gobs down their own chin simply for being a Conservative.

In this way, Rick Perry is definitely the new Sarah Palin.

Like any and all Conservatives capable of exposing the lies of the “progressive” left, both are existential threats to “progressives'” decidedly aggressive un-American philosophy.

Since “progressives” in 2012 will have zero positives to link to their failed big government policies, there will be but one tactic to which they can resort.  The old reliable smear.  It’s coming.  In droves.  They will be creatively untruthful, predictably vicious, contemptuously cruel, excessively mean and exceedingly nasty.  Expect it.  It’s as reliably predictable as the setting sun.


2 Responses to “Rick Perry–The New Sarah Palin?”

  1. PPeon Says:

    Glad to see you put your blog entries on monicamemo, it’s overwhelmed by trolls and needs some intelligent comments.

  2. mjfellright Says:


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