No To Ron Paul

Attention Ron Paul: Iran wants nukes for offensive, not defensive purposes. How can even one true American support any candidate who denies the historic and contemporary evidence of creeping Sharia and global jihad? Especially as we approach the tenth anniversiry of 9/11? 

Any “religion” with an expressed goal to establish a theocracy is not a religion but a political group with a political agenda disguised as a religion, and as such is not protected by the First Amendment. In fact, the very tenents of Islam completely contradict the First Amendment.

That ONLY “the great Ron Paul” can save our country and restore America to a Constitutional Republic is pure folly, plain and simple. That there are people who so adamantly and passionately believe that ONLY “the great Ron Paul” can save us is strong, clear evidence of personality cult disorder.

WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who will save America and restore our Constitutional Republic, not ANY elected official, including “the great Ron Paul”.

Ron Paul’s electoral record is this: He’s been re-elected to Congress a number of times. His more ambitious moves like running for the GOP nomination have been met with repeated, resounding rejection by GOP voters. He even ran as a Libertarian candidate in a general election.  How many Electoral College votes has Ron Paul won in his lifetime?

America’s voting motto should be:  The more the fringe leftist media protests about a candidate, the more we should vote for that person.  And you’ll notice the fringe leftist media are not NOT protesting about Ron Paul…

The LAST thing this world, much less this country, needs is another personality cult hero in the White House who’s OK with Islam and jihadists.


4 Responses to “No To Ron Paul”

  1. hotshot bald cop Says:

    You my pal are a genius

  2. Mikey Michaels Says:

    ron paul is an unelectable nutjob and his left wing paulbots are an embarassment to the tea party

  3. james trafficant Says:

    Most of the Republican candidates supported Nato’s invasion of Libya.

    If you are a Tea Partier, why would you support a war that is unconstitutional. There is no declaration of war.

    Secondly, the head of the rebels in Libya recruits al queda fighters from Iraq and Afghanistan. Wouldn’t that go against your claim of opposing global jihad.

    Republican candidates that support continuing the Libyan war are supporting terrorists that want to “establish sharia law” all over the world.

    Haven’t we been fighting al-queda for the last ten years??

    If you don’t believe my previous point, just google it.

    And after reviewing your analysis of the first amendment, i have come to the conclusion that you have no clue what the first amendment is intended to do. no where in it does it exclude protection for political groups. no where.

    I was going to attend the watch party on the 12th in westwood. but no longer will.

    I would love to know which candidate you are supporting and the reasons why.

  4. mjfellright Says:

    james trafficant,

    you’re most welcome to indicate exactly where on this blog I’ve expressed support for Nato’s actions in Libya.

    The First Amendment does not protect the Islamofascist agenda to replace the laws of the United States with Sharia. The First Amendment protects religious freedom. The imposition of Sharia would alter the judiciary, which has nothing to do with worship. It’s bad enough that we’ve veered away from the common law of the U.S. Constitution in favor of statutory law.

    Since you’ve resorted to a typical paulbot tactic of putting words into my mouth with which to attack me based on something I never said, you’re more than welcome to stay away. I have no interest in people who’re members of a personality cult.

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