Courage Isn’t Just a Word Anymore

This past Sunday, June 26 2011, I was privileged to attend the world premier of the first episode of the new Colony Bay Productions series:  “Courage, New Hampshire-The Travail of Sarah Pine”  in Monrovia, CA. 

I’m not an actor, producer, director or even a movie critic.  I’m a guy who for years worked at a movie theatre while in high school and watched a lot of movies.  Some were great, some were lousy, and most occupied the vast gulf that seperates the two extremes. 

For many reasons, I put this show in the great category.  The production quality is first rate, featuring crisp photography, well paced edititing that tells the story while avoiding the pitfalls of encryption or dragging scenes, beautiful music that’s consistently appropriate, a compelling screenplay that employs clever, time appropriate dialogue that evokes a wide range of emotions while conveying a time tested moral, and dramatic, believable acting by an outstanding cast of talented actors (featuring Alexandra Oliver, Nathan Kershaw, James Patrick Riley and Basil Hoffman) dressed in authentic costumes.

Co-producers James Patrick Riley and Johnathan Lee Wilson should be heartily congratulated for this fine production.  I highly recommend that everyone purchase and view this family friendly feature that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

To obtain your DVD copy of this fine production go to:


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