Who’s Government Shutdown?

Who’ll be responsible for the government shutdown that could occur should a budget for fiscal 2011 fail to pass on Friday April 8, 2011? 

Republicans don’t want to shut down the government.  Republicans want to do what the majority of Americans elected them to do in historic numbers in the November 2010 election: cut spending. 

Democrats want to shut down the government and blame Republicans and the Tea Party.  Don’t take my word for it.  Ask Chuck Schumer and the Democratic caucus.


We’re currently operating without a budget because the Democrats failed to pass one in the last Congress.  So far, Senate Democrats have failed to put forth any budget in response to the one passed by Republicans in the House over a month ago.  The “president” has failed to propose a budget that seriously and responsibly addresses the very real need for spending cuts. 

If spending isn’t cut by appreciable amounts, America’s in big trouble. As long as there are ongoing annual deficits in the neighborhood of $1.5 trillion, the Federal Reserve will continue monetizing U.S. debt, which means inflation will make the recent rise in fuel and food prices look like a picnic. If and when the Fed ever decides to make a serious attempt to curb inflation, interest rates will go through the roof. Add high unemployment to that and there will be a repeat of the “misery index” from the Carter administration era.

Isn’t it amazing? When you take similar actions (enacting similar policies) you get similar results.  Einstein stated that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.  This administration is the poster child for “progressive” insanity.

That doesn’t even take in to account the economic cliff America faces when we have to pay the piper for the liabilities of our unfunded social programs.


Should the government fail to pass a budget and is forced to shut down this month, the blame will lie squarely on the heads of the Democrats.  They’ve made a conscious decision to play with a looming economic crisis that will cause tremendous, if not irreparable damage to the United States in order to place their own election through political gamesmanship to the fore.


2 Responses to “Who’s Government Shutdown?”

  1. Alan Peter Says:

    MJ, I couldn’t agree with you more. This is a Democrat party set up. The Democrats have nothing; so they have to make something out of nothing, and they’re going to create a budget crisis that they can blame on the Republicans. We already know the buzzword that they’re going to use — “extreme”.
    Chuckie Schumer spilled the beans when he was caught on an open mic admitting that they were going to try to label the Republicans and the Tea Party extremists. Their focus groups have clearly shown that the US voting public does not like the word “extreme”. Therefore, they’re going to try to plaster that all over the Republicans — and the left-wing media is going to help them do it.
    I think the Oklahoma delegation won’t be too upset over a “government shut down”. Look at what Tom Coburn has been fighting in the Senate just trying to get an up or down vote on miniscule government cutbacks such as reducing paperwork by the government printing office. OMG it’s ridiculous. The dems don’t want to cut anything and they are spoiling for a government shutdown; so I say shut the damn thing down.
    Let the chips fall where they may and I think the chips will all fall on Pres. Obama’s head as he gets voted out of office in 2012. We can only hope that’s the case. And that comes from a former lifetime Democrat who even voted for Pres. Obama in the Oklahoma State primary.
    We cannot continue to spend our way into poverty but that is exactly what the Democrats and the unions would like to see us do. Don’t forget that the government unions are inextricably involved in making sure that the government continues to function as it is. A smaller federal government means a smaller paycheck for public-sector unions. A smaller paycheck for public-sector unions means a weaker Democratic Party. it is an incestuous relationship between public sector unions and the Democratic Party and the taxpayers are left holding the bill. It truly is taxation without representation.
    I cannot understate the importance of 2011. John Boehner has absolutely got to show some leadership in the House of Representatives. We did not send these people the Congress to do the same old thing. Times are changing. And I do believe that the Republicans don’t get it now the Tea Party needs to go it alone and get Republicans elected who do understand what they’re been sent there to do just like Tom Coburn of Oklahoma.
    That’s my take,

  2. Alan Peter Says:

    Excellent post MJ,
    Public-sector unions have no accountability at all. Really who are they accountable to? They elect their own bosses. If their bosses are their lawmakers in Washington DC (which they are!). This is a system that leaves the taxpayer out! It absolutely cuts the taxpayer out.
    So, what could possibly be gained by leaving the taxpayer out of this equation? It’s simple MJ. Accountability. It’s a scam on the taxpayers, is what it is. It’s really a great deal for unions and the Democrats have going for each other. Here’s how it works:
    The union membership have to pay the union dues in order to keep their jobs.
    The union leadership funnel the union dues into their back pocket and into the back pocket of Democrats running for elective office.
    In return for being elected the Democrats then divert taxpayer money to the public-sector unions in the form of as you so aptly point out; Cadillac health care benefits, a higher average income than the taxpayers who are footing the bill for these loafers, etc., etc. not to mention the fact that you just can’t fire anybody. So, I don’t mean to be saying that everyone who works for public-sector union is a loafer but many of them are. Too many of them are. I know I was once a public-sector employee. There are many people who just moved in slow motion in the public-sector. Their sense of urgency just was not there, the sense of urgency that you so often see in the private sector. The people physically moved slower MJ it was incredible.
    This is a circular relationship between the public-sector unions and the Democrat party that needs to be stopped. Somebody needs to put a stake in the spoke of the public-sector/Democrat party fund raising Wheel of Fortune.
    That’s my take.

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