End Moral Relativism

Moral relativism is the technique by which those who lack moral clarity cloud, then impose their will upon the minds of the unaware/innocent/naive. This technique is employed in a multitude of ways, including the promotion of anti-religious thought. It’s also the basis of political correctness, which has already crept into centuries old tales like The Three Little Pigs:


The only way America, and by extension: humanity’s freedom, will be saved is through a large-scale return to moral clarity. Moral clarity will allow freedom’s defenders to expose the fraudulent claims of “progressives” and their Communist and Islamofascist allies. False claims which are embodied within the Communist Manifesto and the Koran. Exposure of the malevolent collusion between unions (Communists) and Muslims (Islamofascists) is imperative. By combining this exposure with verifiable, fact based historical references to the horrors of Communist rule and Islamfascist intolerance separately, the unaware, inherently capable of moral clarity, will be given the opportunity to see why this partnership is so dangerously hostile to the prospects of a peaceful and bountiful future for mankind.

Communism and Islamofascism are inherently evil, as was ancient Egypt’s slavery of the Israelites. Michael the Archangel expelled the evil Lucifer from Heaven. We’re in the same fight today. If, for one moment you believe that the morals of Lucifer and Michael are in any way relative, you’re in a bad way. The might comes from God, not from earthly power. America has lost it’s moral compass because it’s come to rely upon earthly power and materialism.

“progressives” align themselves with Communists and Islamofascists. Lying is the “progressive” modus operandi. After they imposed prohibition, the FED and income tax on America, they spent decades calling themselves “liberals” because they realized how morally centered Americans, once it becomes clear, are opposed to their agenda.


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