End Government Employee Unions

Real human violations were practiced by robber barons prior to the formation of unions in America. At that poinit in time, there was a need for unions. If you look, you’ll see that ensurance of safe working conditions, etc have existed within labor laws for decades. Unions have long since outlived their true value to the workers. They’re now cesspools of political corruption where the bosses extort dues from the rank and file in order to buy off me first career politicians who’re more concerned with their own re-election than they are with looking out for the interests of those who elected them…and they’re heavily populated by Communists who mean the United States no good.

There should be no government employee unions. Government employees should not be allowed to hold the government (which needs to function on behalf of the entire population, not just the unions) and the taxpayers hostage with the threat of strikes. Their pay, pension and benefits should be determined by elected representatives who’re responsible for balancing a budget and then confirmed by the voters. If those employees aren’t satisfied with the results, they’re welcome to seek employment elsewhere.See More


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