Defend Your Freedom

The United States was founded by men of faith, who believed that all our rights come from our Creator, and that governments are instituted among men to protect and preserve our God given rights.

The Constitution was written as an instrument through which imperfect humans could advance towards a more perfect political union that would ensure these liberties. This uniquely American idea has resulted in an improvement of the human condition that far exceeds the advancements made by human civilization over the previous 5,000 years.

When people openly seek to deconstruct the country that was built upon the U.S. Constitution, they’re hostile to the very idea of America and by extension, human advancement. Why should  people such as these be welcome in the United States?

If someone were to break into your home, steal your food, steal your money, sleep in your bed, and lie to your children about you, would you welcome them? Or would you take the steps required to rid yourself of their unwanted, uninvited presence?

The Declaration of Independence says that our inalienable rights are endowed by our Creator.

God has endowed humans with these freedoms throughout history, including serfs in middle age Europe. Serfs were deprived of their God given rights through force by Monarchs who ruled Europe. Monarchs like King George of England.

Those freedoms were won in America through the power of the gun. That’s why we have the Second Amendment. Because of our right to defend ourselves, Americans can continue to protect our freedoms against oppressive governments that seeks to again deny our liberties through force.

Defend your freedom, either through the pen (which is said to be mightier than the sword) or, if government moves to take away your freedom of speech, by whatever means necessary.

One Response to “Defend Your Freedom”

  1. peggy Kannaday Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Well said. Great blog, and amen and amen.

    I was encouraged to read the following about our Constitution:

    “Setting aside time at the beginning of the congressional session for the reading is just one of the changes to House rules that Republicans say are designed to open up the legislative process. They say the new rules also will try to bring some restraints to lawmaking after decades in which both Republican and Democratic leaders whittled away opportunities for real legislative give-and-take.”

    Please pray that truth, righteousness, and justice will come to America again, and that we will come back to our foundation and heritage that was of The Lord Jesus Christ.
    Thank you for your powerful words of truth.

    Read more: Reading of Constitution to Kick Off New Congress
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

    May The Lord bless you and yours.

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