Just Extend the Tax Rates, Forget the Add-Ons

The issue before our “leaders” in Washington DC is stark in its simplicity.  Should the tax rates for Americans signed into law by George W. Bush be continued, or allowed to expire?  It’s really not any more complicated than that.

However, due to an irrational hatred for George W. Bush combined with an irrational hatred for people who succeed in the material world, the anti-American radical fringe left regressive socialists (aka the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid/George Soros caucuses) have determined that complications are necessary.

Thanks to the left’s divisive, hate filled class warfare rhetoric, there’s an anti-American jealousy of those who’ve succeeded in life by those who haven’t done so well. 

What business is it of mine how much money someone else makes? 

I’ll tell you: NONE! 

If someone has a great idea, works hard and becomes a millionaire, I’m happy for them, not jealous!  I want them to keep as much of their money as possible, because if business is going well, they’re going to re-invest their profit into expanding their business, which means they’ll need to hire people.  Perhap people like you and me. 

WHY is this natural free market dynamic seen as BAD?

The simple solution to the tax rates question is, extend all the tax rates at their existing levels permanently, so that businesses can plan their long term investments and create jobs.  Period. 

Why do Democrats need sweeteners to promote ethanol and other forms of alternative energy, tax provisions designed to increase production of hybrid automobiles, biodiesel fuel, energy-efficient homes, coal and energy-efficient household appliances?

The answer is simple enough.   The anti-American radical fringe left regressive socialists (aka the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid/George Soros caucuses) believe they know better about how to decide our economic future than does the free market.

Ethanol is a complete waste of money.  It costs more to produce than do the fossil fuels burned to produce it.  If ethanol and other alternative fuels were economically viable, they wouldn’t need government subsidies.  They could compete in the free market.  If people want to buy hybrid cars, they will.  If people don’t want them, they’ll go the way of the Edsel, a circumstance which Ford Motors survived.  Let inventors and entrepreneurs build and patent ideas for energy efficient homes and appliances on their own.  Let them succeed or fail on their own.  Let those who are successful reap the rewards of their hard work and sacrifice.  WHY are THESE natural free market dynamics seen as BAD?

Hey Senate Republicans–Did you learn NOTHING from the recent mid-term elections??  STOP SPENDING MONEY on complications needlessly brought on by petty jealousy.

Just extend the tax rates, forget the add-ons.


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