“Expert” Declarations

The National Center for Health Statistics recently released findings regarding the correlation between economic recession and birth rates in the United States.


It’s an article that includes some interesting statistical comparisons, but what most struck me was this very declarative statement:  

“It doesn’t matter how you look at it — fertility has declined,” Stephanie Ventura, the demographer who oversaw the report said.

Why?  Are we supposed to mindlessly accept this statement because it was made by “an expert”?

Let’s look at it this way:

Isn’t there a remote possibility that this outcome is influenced by the use of birth control and abortion?  In 1909, when birth rates were 30 children per 1,000 people, there was neither birth control nor legal abortion.  Today, that number’s 13.5 births per 1,000.  How about we first remove the influence of birth control and abortion from the statistics and then see if fertility’s declined?

How about we look at it this way:

Why don’t we review our findings after we diminish the cultural influence of decadent Hollywood hedonists and get our country back to the values of 1909?

Or perhaps we could look at it this way:

How about we look at the numbers after we’ve rid this country of a “president” who doesn’t want his daughter “punished with a baby”?

Are you really sure it doesn’t matter how you look at it Mr & Ms “expert”?

If so, then are we also to blindly accept the declarations being made by “experts” in government and their complicit media lapdogs? Are we to accept that any and all oppostion to the fringe leftist ideas being shoved down America’s throat means anyone opposed to being steamrolled by leftist radicals is a stupid bigot, a racist and a hate monger?


Let’s review a few recent lowlights our government has provided.

$700 billion TARP–Needed so the Treasury Department could buy “troubled assets” from bank ledgers so banks could resume lending.

Where did all that money go?  Why is there still a massive mortgage crisis in this country?  Why have banks not renewed lending?  Why did the government decide to “loan” money to banks, thereby gaining unprecedented government influence over banking decisions, instead of sticking to the original plan?

Thanks for pouring $700 billion dollars down the drain, not solving the problem, and leaving the bill to future generations, “experts”.

$787 billion stimulus package–Needed to jump start the economy and thereby keep unemployment below 8%.

Where did all that money go?  Why has unemployment hovered between 9.5% and 10% since the law was passed?  Why are home sales in the tank?  Why is economic growth at 1.6%  Why are businesses not hiring?  Why is consumer confidence tanking?  Why is the economy now sitting on the brink of a full blown depression?

Thanks for pouring $787 billion dollars down the drain, not solving the problem, and leaving the bill to future generations, “experts”.

$1 trillion for Healthcare “reform”–Needed because there was a “crisis” of spiraling healthcare costs that would punish individuals and businesses.  It’s passage would lead to lower healthcare costs, smaller budget deficits and reduced national debt.

Why did the “most transparent government ever” have to hard sell members of Congress so legislative votes were bargained and paid for behind closed doors?  Why have Healthcare premiums for businesses and individuals risen?  Why are healthcare costs rising?  Why has the Congressional Budget Office increased the cost of this legislation retroactively?  Why is this going to increase the deficit and the debt, not reduce them?  Exactly how is spending a trillion dollars saving money?

Thanks for pouring $1 trillion dollars down the drain, not solving the problem, and leaving the bill to future generations, “experts”.

Spurred into action by gross Federal negligence, Arizona passed a State law that was designed to protect their citizens and property from a continuing,  massive illegal alien invasion.  This was a cry for help to control the border from a State to the United States.  The response?  The “experts” within the Administration, instead of helping a State secure the border of  a sovereign nation, decided to sue Arizona and post signs warning residents to stay out of certain areas.

Why are American citizens warned to stay away from certain areas of their own country?  Isn’t this a de facto surrending of American land to foreign invaders by the federal government?  Isn’t that a violation of their official duty?  Why are there still thousands of illegal alien invaders pouring into our country?  Why are they still allowed to backback in illegal drugs?  Why are they still able to destroy private property?  Why are they still allowed to continue their deadly violence?

 Thanks for abandoning your responsibilities of office, not solving the problem, and leaving the threat to future generations to deal with, “experts”.

A $100 million dollar ground zero mosque.  The “experts” say that it’s a matter of religious freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.  “Experts” say it’s a way to build understand and tolerance between Muslims and non Muslims. 

Where is the $100 million coming from?  Why is it wrong to ask that question?  Why is the Imam spearheading this project not called on to explain his refusal to denounce Hamas as a terrorist organization?  Why is this Imam not asked to explain why he believes the United States must become more compliant to Sharia law?  If this is a sincere attempt by Muslims to build trust and understanding between faiths, why the insistence that this building be built within steps of the most horrific attack on American soil…which just happens to have been carried out by Muslims?  Why are people who describe themselves as bridge builders intentionally burning bridges between themselves and 70% of America’s population?  Why are America’s “experts” overlooking the fact that the First Amendment’s guarantees America will never become a theocracy, and that Islam and Sharia law are by definition, theocratic?  Why don’t America’s “experts” see that Sharia law is therefore in direct violation of the Constitution, and that their support for this building project is actually unconstitutional? 

Why are America’s “experts” so out of touch with America?

Answers to these questions and more will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.  Stay tuned!


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