Nancy Pelosi’s $26 Billion State Aid Bill

Call it what you want to Speaker Pelosi.  Call it a State Aid Bill.  Call it a Jobs Bill.  Call it a Rescue Bill.  Call it a Salvage Plan.  Call it Moe, Larry and Curly.  I don’t care what you call it.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages:  Welcome to yet another radical fringe leftist payoff to unions.

Madame Speaker can you please explain to me, with hundreds of billions of already borrowed unspent ”stimulus” dollars still available, why we need to borrow another $26 billion dollars to pay for this embarrassingly obvious payoff to your union supporters?

Exactly what are you doing?  Simple.  You’re taking money away from people in every State in order to cover the budgetary shortfalls of some of the States.  And which States are these that have budgetary shortfalls?  They’re States that are run by, and have been run by Democrats for many years, even decades.  They’re the States that have repeatedly bowed to union demands for higher salaries, increased healthcare benefits and enhanced retirement plans.  You’ve simply got to bail those States out in order to maintain the political support of those unions.  Never mind that you’re enabling these fiscally irresponsible States to continue their unsustainable union benefits ponzi schemes.

You love to blame the economic crisis of 2008 on George W. Bush and failed Republican policies Madame Speaker.  Never mind that you’ve been Speaker of the House since Democrats became the majority Party in 2006.  Can you pease remind me again, exactly who was Speaker of the House for two years before the economic collapse which cost me my job?  While we’re at it, can you please refresh my memory as to who was the Senate Majority Leader for that same amount of time?

Exactly what do I get out of this deal Speaker Pelosi?  What’s in it for me?  Except for a couple of two or three month long temporary jobs, I’ve been unemployed for over two years.  Federal income tax is taken from unemployment checks.  You’re taking money away from people who are out of work against their will, to pay for overpriced union government employees with their exorbitant salaries, cadillac healthcare plans and golden parachute retirement plans?

Thank you ever so much Speaker Pelosi.  I’ll try ever so hard to think of a way to properly thank you.  Something tells me I’ll remember this when I go to the polls in November.


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