Pulling The Cloth Off Graham

With all the recent media focus on Arizona and their “controversial new”  immigration law, immigration’s been quite the hot topic in America lately. 

On the one hand, proud Patriotic American citizens support border security and enforcement of existing immigration laws.  They appreciate immigrants who enter their country legally.  They value and welcome legal immigrants with open arms.  They simply don’t want a porous border which allows any Tom, Dick or Harry to waltz into America, only to be rewarded later for breaking the law.

 On the other hand, the current White House occupant and his openly and not so openly fringe leftist radical associates are perfectly willing to use American life, liberty and property as bargaining chips in their obsessive compulsive quest for “Comprenensive Immigration Reform”; more precisely known as amnesty for illegal alien invaders.  Typical of their increasingly desperate position, the fringe leftist radicals jump at every opportunity to erect strawman arguments against Patriotic Americans, falsely playing the race card in a coldly calculated attempt to prevent Americans from openly supporting traditional American values and America’s founding principles.

But that’s just what’s on the surface.  There’s a more subtle and dangerous riptide underfoot.

There’re regressive socialists who’re not openly fringe leftist radicals.  There’re regressive socialists who are not openly associating themselves with the current White House occupant.  There’re regressive socialists who deceptively wear the cloth of apparent oppostion to the fringe leftist radical cause.

Lindsay Graham’s open call to alter the United States Constitution’s 14th Amendment is nothing but a distraction being put forth by one of, if not the biggest regressive socialist to be found within the Republican Party.

It’s like the “look at this hand” deception in which the current White House occupant has so frequently engaged.  It’s nothing but a regressive socialist trick to distract you from what they’re really trying to accomplish: amnesty for illegal alien invaders.

Pay no attention to Lindsay Graham and his 14th Amendment deception.  This is a waste of time, energy and money.  This distraction blurs our ability to focus on the real solution.

Do you hear me John Boehner?  Do you hear me Mitch McConnell?  Or are you in on this deception as well? 

We don’t need “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.  We don’t need to alter our Constitution.  We need to secure the border, enforce our existing immigration laws, end government giveaways to illegal aliens and jail employers who hire them.

And while we’re at the polls, we need to vote out all of the regressive socialists, no matter what their political party affiliation.


One Response to “Pulling The Cloth Off Graham”

  1. Nicole from CA Says:

    If someone is here illegally, they need to be deported immeidately, period. I don’t care what country you are from. And we need to shut the borders. We know they can do this but they don’t. And we know why they don’t. Legal Immigrants are fine. ILLEGAL ALIENS are Illegal. What part of this do people not understand?

    I’d like to start two programs…one is called “Adopt an Illegal” and all people who support this law breaking and/or amnesty would be required to take a minimun of three illegal aliens into their home, be responsible for their food, clothing, education, heathcare, transportation etc. In other words, take on what is being forced on taxpayers. Since you support Illegals, then you SUPPORT Illegals. Oh and watch the hipocracy fly on this one!

    Second would be a “donation” site where anyone can donate a one-way airline ticket to deport an illegal alien. We don’t have to spend tax payer dollars to deport them. I am betting we’d have them all deported in no time.

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