Where’s The Resolve?

America faces attacks upon our economic well being, our historic values, our principles and traditions, the very moral fabric of our society and the supreme law of our land, the United States Constitution.  The enemy attacks us from within our education system, in movies, on television, in newspapers, magazines and from within our own local, state and federal  government.

Where are the defenders of our way of life?  Where are the defenders of our culture?  Where are the defenders of our laws?  Where are the defenders of our Republic? 

They’re certainly not to be found within the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, where the nomination of two radical leftist activist Supreme Court Justice nominees were allowed by Republican Senator Lindsay Graham, who justified his votes by saying “Elections have consequences”.  Certainly not within our Federal Court system, where Arizona’s legally passed defense of land and law was overruled by Bill Clinton appointed U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.  Certainly not among “Conservative” television pundits, who continue to allow flat out lies spoken by radical leftist pundits to go unchallenged.

Where’s the resolve?

Is it only to be found within the American people?  Is defense of our nation, our values, our principles, of our very way of life left up to We The People?  If so, so be it.  If it’s up to Patriotic Americans to preserve, protect and defend our nation, our culture, our land of laws, our values, our traditions, our moral fiber and our Constitution, they couldn’t be in better hands.

We fought and won our independence from tyrannical monarchal government in the Revolutionary War.  We fought and won against racist attempt to divide our nation in the Civil War.  We fought and won the struggle against the tyrannical forces of Fascism in World War II.  We fought and won the Cold War against the tyrannical Communist forces of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Now we’re engaged in a war of ideas here on our own soil.  To win, we won’t need to fire a single shot.  Together, there’re more of us than there are of them.

Stand firm in your resolve.  Don’t back down.  Make sure that this November, you and your American brethren flock to the polls and vote the radical leftist extremists who seek to destroy our country out of office.

This is not just any election.  This November’s election is the battleground for America’s very survival.  I’m responsible for the outcome.  You’re responsible for the outcome.  We The People are responsible for the outcome.  The honor of those passed who fought for America, the future for you, your children and your grandchildren depends on the outcome of this November’s election.

Whether or not we wanted it, now’s the time for us to be the next Greatest Generation.  We’re up to it.  It’s in our DNA.  Let’s show the world “what we’re made of”.


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