Sold On A Lie

“Obamacare” was sold on a lie and passed against the wishes of the majority of Americans. 
Now, in an unprecedented move, the man who will administer Medicare and Medicaid was appointed in a clearly obvious move to bypass the Constitutional provision for Legislative oversight.
You won’t be keeping your healthcare and your doctor if you like them.  There’s going to be a single payer systm complete with rationing.  It was sold as “a robust public option” because that sounds so much better than death panel.  However, if you listen to the words of the newly appointed head of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, you’ll see exactly where he stands on the subject.
BTW, you’re born with rights that are God given.  Your rights are not given to you by government.  Healthcare is not a “human right”.  It’s a commodity.  It doesn’t matter if the government redistributes wealth to pay for the healthcare of the poor, it’s still bought and paid for.  It’s still a commodity, NOT a right.


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