What “Comprehensive Immigrations Reform” REALLY Means

After listening to his speech on “comprehensive immigration reform”, I’m convinced to the core of my being that the current White House occupant has a great future in the fertilizer business.

he wants to stop “punishing young people for the actions of their parents”?  Great.  Instead, let’s teach the children of illegal aliens that their parents breaking the law is fine and dandy with the U.S. government…great plan.  That will go a long way towards teaching them respect for the law.

he makes an emotional appeal against the prohibitive cost of “rounding up” millions of “undocumented workers”?  We don’t need to “round up” those millions of illegals alien invaders.  STOP WASTING OUR TAXES GIVING THEM FREE STUFF!!  SECURE OUR BORDER, ENFORCE OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS (INCLUDING LABOR LAWS) AND WATCH THEM GO HOME. 

If our border is SO SECURE, why are AMERICANS being killed, kidnapped and intimidated by ILLEGALS?  Then with your next breath you say our border is too vast to cover?  The executive branch is charged with the enforcement of laws.  So, what are you saying?  That you can’t do your job?  yOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR SECURING THE BORDER.  DO yOUR JOB!  If you can’t do your job, RESIGN!

occupant “waxes eloquently” (in the minds of his brainwashed followers) about the morality of not breaking up families…and the morality of “living up to our highest ideals as a nation”.  he’s a manipulative, intellectually dishonest, two faced pathological liar who’s true goal is to create tens of millions of new Democrats who’ll vote to keep their “free” stuff coming.

That would be the “free” stuff that you pay for with your taxes.  You remember taxes don’t you?  That would be the money you earned that government criminals extort from you under threat of fine and/or imprisonment…thanks Woodrow Wilson.  Keep a close eye on your taxes…they’re about to go up.  Way up.  Not on “the rich”…on you.

I’m an AMERICAN “mutt” who’s a descendant of LEGAL immigrants.   America is more than a patch of dirt that happens to be populated by humans.  America is an idea.  The idea of America is that we’re a nation ruled by LAWS, not men.  If you can’t obey our laws to come here, get out!  NOW!!


4 Responses to “What “Comprehensive Immigrations Reform” REALLY Means”

  1. Pablo Neruda Says:

    I think the President and the Congress will support a general amnesty with a pathway to citizenship for all of the undocumented people in the USA.
    In one sense I agree with some of my latin brothers that the stolen lands will some how be repatriated. Just so, while most of us prefer Mexico to join MERCOSUR, I think the consensus among politicos of all parties is to form a North American Union allowing free alienability of commerce and persons within the new union.

    Certainly the gringo middle class has lived large on the recent immigrants, who peform every menial task at below market value, giving a false illusion of prosperity. These gringos pose a problem for the Republican elite who also see the benefit of depressed wages and offshore investment.

    Culturally, I must add that I feel as much at home in Los Angeles as I do in my native Chile. My businesses have prospered and most of what I have earned I have invested in my homes in Mexico and in Chile. The radio dial, television, and businesses are all bi-lingual or spanish, so for the three or four days a week I am here the hospitality has been wonderful.
    The Democrats have set up offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City to assist with investment advice. The Republicans closed their office right after the last election.
    So whatever the rhetoric we all know that the USA is corporate and immigrant friendly. It has always been this way and always will.

  2. mjfellright Says:

    The United States is a soverign nation. The people of the United States do not favor a North America Union. The criminals who now infest the ranks of our political system will be voted out of office and your pipe dream will end.

    Show me your papers that prove that you’re here legally or get out. Now.

  3. Pablo Neruda Says:

    You see, we do agree on much!

    Most latinos want Mexico to join the MERCOSUR bloc however the Mexican leadership since the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo has always tilted towards the Nortamericanos. For 98% of all Mexicans NAFTA has been a disaster, while for the 2% ruling elite NAFTA has been a bonanza.
    That failed treaty has resulted in 10% of the Mexican population to push North to look for work. I can tell you from speaking with leaders in the Commerce Dept that the cycle of mass immigration followed by periodic amnesty which has been in place since the President Ike will continue into the future and the ordinary people will have no say in changing the policy because of the large corporate profits being made.
    I have been assured that the contours of a North American Union are already in place. Given my investments I have had no problem obtaining visas for myself, my family, or my executive employees.
    You might already know that this has been reciprocol for Americans living and working in latin america for quite some time.

    One of the best signs of solidarity your government is now considering is to drop the visa requirement for visiting the USA. No country in latin america has required US citizens first obtain a visa to visit and this change is well met by the business traveller.

    So while we have been told that immigration is a hot issue with nativists the government has assured us that for all practical purposes a union
    already exists. We are told by members of either ruling party that a political theatre is necessary however for economic reasons there will be no change to the policy. With that I tested their words and found that visas were granted for for more of my managers to work in the USA.

    Formalization of the NA-Union would allow the non-business traveller access to the USA and Canada without a visa.
    I can assure you that my “pipe-dream” is very real. We fly through LAX to Guadalajara or Santiago; or perhaps drive down to our seaside home near Ensenada, Baja California. I have not any problem with the authorities in either country. We have been doing this well over twenty years.
    I think if you and your family wanted to come to Mexico or Chile you would find that ‘mi casa es su casa’ and the warmth of our country would embrace you.

  4. mjfellright Says:

    You seem to not know that the people of the United States have the final say because of the ballot and the Bill of Rights, which includes the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.

    Conservatives, who want no part of your pipe dream, outnumber the criminals who’re telling you what you want to hear. Their temporary hold on power will be over soon. Conservatives are the majority in the United States. We will not back down. Even if it means standing up to our own criminal government in armed conflict, your pipe dream will end in ashes.

    You and your kind are most definitely not welcome here. When you visit America, pay for a hotel room. My house is not your house. We don’t want you and your kind lowering our standard of living and turning the United States into a scummy, corrupt third world country. Thanks for the generous offer…but, NO.

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