No to a Moratorium on Oil Production

In spite of the fact that the fishing and tourism industries of several Gulf States have been damaged, the current White House occupant declared a 6-month moratorium on offshore oil production. There’s little to no evidence to support any other conclusion than that this moratorium will lead to a long term cessation of U.S. oil production in the Gulf of Mexico; thereby destroying jobs within the economies of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Is this the action of someone who’s interested in creating jobs for everyday Americans, or is it the action of someone bent on inflicting as much damage on America’s free market economy as possible?

The stated goal of this administration is to wean America off of our addiction to foreign oil. They propose to create a vibrant “green jobs” economy teeming with American jobs that won’t migrate overseas. They point to Spain as the poster child for a successful green energy economy. Really? Spain’s current unemployment is 20%. That’s twice our current unemployment rate. For every single green energy job Spain created, their economy lost 4 jobs. This simply does not sound like a good plan for the United States.

There’s enough oil and natural gas within the territorial United States to supply the energy needs of America for 200 years without using a single drop of imported oil. We’d create badly needed American jobs by drilling for our own oil, and keep billions of dollars within our own economy. Those 200 years will give American business time to build nuclear plants, convert as much as possible to natural gas, and develop clean coal technology. Are you going to tell me that a country that in less than 10 years went from barely being able to send monkeys into space to landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth can’t perfect clean coal technology in 200?

Besides driving up the price of foods that use corn oil and corn syrup (which includes just about every food made in America today) ethanol consumes more energy to produce than it provides. What possible use can be made of that? Why waste time creating ethanol? Why not devote the energy required to create ethanol in other areas where energy is needed?

Due to their inherent inefficiencies, solar and wind will never become a major source of energy for mass consumption. Solar and wind have the most potential in targeted applications that allow individuals to feed less off of the power grid.

Instead, the current administration would prefer to tax carbon dioxide emissions that will make energy costs skyrocket. This will destroy jobs and demolish the pocketbooks of average everyday citizens.

A tax on airborne plant food…on a planet where all life is carbon based? This is such a stupid idea the only way it could happen is to have a bunch of uneducated lemming voters believe everything an organized syndicate of pathological liars tells them.


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