Who’s Responsible For The Gulf Oil Disaster…

Imagine how much easier the BP spill problem would be to remedy if this leak was in water hundreds of feet deep, rather than a mile.   At the depth of this well the pressures are so great and the temperature so low that any known fix is difficult, if not improbable.  Even relief wells are not sure things.

Enviro-nazis have forced the oil industry into impossible situations.  Now enviro-nazis are screaming bloody murder when the impossible conditions they’ve forced “big oil” into render repairs virtually unachievable.

Expect the pathological liar in thief and his merry band of crooka to use this fringe left created crisis to attempt a takeover of BP.

Meanwhile, EPA eco-terrorists are busy branding carbon dioxide (aka airborne plant food) a toxic gas so they can inflict even more damage on America’s ability to develop our own natural resources…not to mention your pocket book.  This is merely the highest ranking members of the world’s criminal element manipulating the system in order to redistribute America’s wealth to third world dictatorships (as well as profiting greatly themselves, of course).

These same “green energy champions” are claiming that as drilling for oil becomes more difficult, the risks will far outweigh the rewards…that our only way out is to force the failure of Spain’s green energy economy upon America.  Never mind that the enviro-nazi, eco-terrorist, green energy hoaxers are the ones who’ve enacted the very legislation which renders oil drilling nearly impossible.  Banning petroleum development in easily accessable, resource rich areas makes drilling failure a self fulfilling prophecy.

Big government interference in the shape of over-regulation is the true criminal of the Gulf oil spill, and should be held responsible for this disaster.

Given the mismanagement we’ve seen from the White House and its anti-free market minions, Ronald Reagan is proven right yet again.  “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem.  Government IS the problem.”


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