Hey Paul McCartney: Shut Up!

In a June 1st ABC News interview, former Beatle Paul McCartney said of the current White House occupant: “I’m a big fan, he’s a great guy. So lay off him, he’s doing great”.

Hey Paul, as a patriotic American I have a few words for you.

Mind your own f*cking business. Go home to London and clean up your own bloody mess before you come to America offering “political advice”. Would you have performed at OUR White House at the height of the Hurricane Katrina mess, while telling Americans to lay off George W. Bush? I bet not. You reek of being a typical fringe left regressive socialist hypocrite.

I have an equitable solution to offer to you and your ilk.

All the people in the United States who’re proponents of the European Socialist model can move to Europe, while all the Europeans who are proponents of the American model can move to the United States (legally of course).

In twenty years let’s compare…see which country’s in better shape.

To all proponents of the European Socialist model: Get out of the United States immediately, if not sooner, and keep out. Patriotic Americans do not want you or your ideas about government here in this country.

P.S. Paul, stick to playing the songs that made you all those millions while you rode John Lennon’s coattails to worldwide success. The only thing you’ve done was Yesterday.


4 Responses to “Hey Paul McCartney: Shut Up!”

  1. Pablo Neruda Says:

    Sir Paul seems to have found his footing musically speaking since parting with Lennon some forty years ago:


    You on the other hand seem a tad too intolerant towards a man who was asked his opinion and gave it. Mr McCartney holds permanent residency and owns a considerable amount of property in the USA.
    You are also wrong here: McCartney wasn’t dispensing “political advice” he offered an opinion.
    He thinks that Lennon would have a lark with your ‘coattails’ comment as Sir Paul is much more the political moderate then John & Yoko: John having a nasty deportation battle directed towards him by Richard Nixon.

    Have another listen to ‘Let ’em In’ penned for the bi-centennial and ‘Freedom’ recorded for a traumatised America a few days after 911.
    We’re all people, mate.

  2. mjfellright Says:

    Paul McCartney is not a U.S. citizen. As a foreign national, his biased opinions should be kept to himself. Let him go back to the UK and “solve” their problems there first. Should he be successfull in that endeavor, then his political opinion will carry some weight. In the meantime, he should STFU about American politics.

  3. Pablo Neruda Says:

    Thanks for your comments to my own:

    When you say “solve all of the UK’s problems first” I assume you are speaking as an American.

    Again, are not everyones opinions “biased” including your own? If you asked my opinion, you’d get my biased opinion. If fact you are getting it now; honest and sincere.

    I don’t doubt your sincerity about Freedom… but should any of us live in a land where our opinions must be held close to the vest?

    I daresay, Sir Paul has one of the most recognised face and voice in the world. It’s common knowledge to Americans that he is a British subject and his words about the President derive from his opinion.

    Other than the fact you profoundly disagree with his sentiment, I can’t see any harm done. McCartney seems honored to be able to perform for the President and said that he hopes he isn’t too nervous performing knowing the President is just a few feet away.

    I think the US is a bit different than many countries in that the political head of government is also head of state. Most countries seperate the honors: In the UK the PM is head of government and the Queen is head of state.
    Obama is attending the Gershwin Awards in his capacity as head of state, not in his political capacity. As such he is bestowing the appreciation of the American people towards Sir Paul just as Sir Paul is honoring the American people with his words and performance for the President.
    A proud moment in my, biased, opinion.

  4. mjfellright Says:

    McCartney’s a socialist, in the same manner as Sean Penn or Michael Moore. Since they love socialism so much, why don’t they give all the money they made in America’s free market system to the poor? They’re a bunch of hypocritical commie rats who should stop using their fame as a platform for driving the world towards the worst economic system ever devised.

    What’s next? George W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as judges on American Idol or Britian’s Got Talent??

    They’re hardly qualified, and their positions as judges would be based on what?

    McCartney should STFU and play his guitar.

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