A Letter From An American Soldier in Iraq

I had to share this letter I received from a pen pal of mine.  In my opinion, he’s a great example of a true American Patriot:

April 3, 2010

Dear Michael,

I’m writing to your from Iraq.  I saw on the internet that obamacare passed.  I took out my frustration by donating money to Conservative candidates.  From the ones I remember, I donated to Chuck DeVore, Bill Randall, Michele Bachmann, Peter Roskam (my Congressman), Mike Rogers, Marco Rubio, and Randy Hultgren.  I thought that I would be wise to donate it to Conservatives before the libs redistribute it.

I’m so ashamed of my home State of Illinois.  It sucks to have the most radical Senators (Burris, Durbin and Obama), Jesse Jackson Jr. as a Congressman (not in my districe thank goodness) and a former Governor, Rod Blagojevich who is corrupt to the core.  I am doing all I can from Iraq to make sure that there is a major victory for the Conservative movement in November.

I am earning an extra $400 a month for being in a combat zone.  Each month I select 4 Conservative to donate that extra money to.  It is the most I am able to do because as a soldier, I cannot keep our country from being destroyed from within.  Like Rush Limbaugh said last year in June, “If Al Qaeda wants destroy America they have to hurry because Obama is beating them to it.”

I really apreciate all you are doing to stop the Marxist takeover of America as an informed citizen.  Don’t let the media elitists and leftists get you down.  They are headed for a massive defeat in November and as long as Washington is held accountable, those dangerous ideas of Marxism will be beaten back and obamacare repealed.  If there is a Conservative majority back in the House, they can cut off the funding for the obamcare bearaucracies and his unconstitutional czars.

I’ve included a photo of myself next to a Blackhawk helicopter.  I have ridden on them in 4 seperate missions.  It’s a thrill every time.

God bless you Michael and thank you for all you do for the Conservative movement.

—-Name and location withheld in order to protect this brave man from the regressive socialists who would do everything in their power to destroy him for having the nerve to disagree.


Needless to say, I was personally moved to read his kind words of praise.  I’m honored to be seen in this light by such a great Patriot and proud to think of him as a friend.  I pray for his safety as well as the safety of all our brave men and women in uniform.  May God bless them and may God bless America.


One Response to “A Letter From An American Soldier in Iraq”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for sharing the letter from the brave man in Iraq.
    My prayer for him:

    Dear Father,

    I pray for this soldier in Iraq that you will protect him, bless him, and use him mightily for your glorious purposes in his life now and in the future.
    Please build a fiery hedge around him to protect him from all evil spirits, harm and evil of every kind while he is in Iraq and also when he comes home.
    Please give him supernatural faith to stand strong in his hope for the future of America.
    God bless you courageous soldier, and may your future be wonderful, and we cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice in securing our freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution.
    We pray that none of your efforts and the efforts of the thousands that have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country will be in vain.
    The Lord bless and keep you in His loving arms both today and always.

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