Say No to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”!

A move is underfoot in Washington DC to employ tactics used to cram health care “reform” down America’s throat on another part of their agenda.  Their plan is to use these tactics to pass “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” legislation.

Please allow me translate for you:  “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” means AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS.

In order to disuade the left from attacking me for being a racist, let’s get something straight.  Like virtually all Americans, I’m a descendant of LEGAL immigrants.  With the exception of Native Americans or First Americans, all Americans are descendants of legal immigrants.  More to the point, my Father’s people came from Cuba.  His Mother’s maiden name was Lucille Alcantara.  If some leftie wants to accuse me of racism against Spanish speaking immigrants from south of the American border, don’t be surprised when your false accusations fall upon deaf ears.

Contrary to what the left will insist, this issue is not about race.  This is about whether or not people who broke our immigration laws to come here, break our employment laws to work here, and continue to break our laws to stay here should be rewarded for their criminal behavior.

These criminals have driven down wages, their children have clogged our schools (while demanding bilingual education), they’ve filled our prisons, drained our States’ resources with demands for welfare and/or food stamps, and cheated the I.R.S. out of billions of dollars via Earned Income Tax Credit fraud by using fake or stolen Social Security numbers.  They’ve also reintroduced smallpox, polio and tuberculosis to a nation that had successfully eradicated these diseases from the population decades ago.

Now, without the consent of the governed (as was the case with health care “reform”), The United States federal government wants to grant amnesty and eventual citizenship to these people; people who have no business being here.  The proposed cost to the illegal aliens?  A fine and a promise to learn English sometime in the future.

This is ridiculouosly unfair to every immigrant who’s followed our laws and come into this country legally.

For the better part of ten years, I worked side by side with such an immigrant.  “Jose” is from the Philippines.  He was here legally under a work visa, working for a corporate sponsor.  He holds a degree in Architecture and is contributing to American society in a tangibly productive way.  He’s worked long and hard and after many years, been awarded a green card.

How unfair is it to people like “Jose” that millions of people are granted blanket amnesty without proving their value to American society, just because they can walk across an unprotected land border?

That’s like rewarding students who’re caught cheating on a final exam with an A for the semester.

The United States is a nation of laws.  A reward for breaking our laws, bequeathed upon the lawbreakers by a deaf political majority bent on ensuring their long term hold on unchecked power cannot be tolerated.

Say NO to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.  

Say NO to amnesty for illegal alien criminals. 

Say YES to LEGAL immigrants. 

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  We want you here.  We need you here.  America will welcome you with open arms.


4 Responses to “Say No to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”!”

  1. Say No to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”! « Mjfellwrites Blog Says:

    […] by on April 4, 2010 Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box This is about whether or not people who broke our immigration laws to come here, break our employment laws to work here, and continue to break our laws to stay here should be rewarded for their criminal behavior. … See more here: Say No to “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”! « Mjfellwrites Blog […]

  2. Brittanicus Says:

    NAFTA! What does it have in common with drug trafficking and illegal immigration? Last night it was made all to obnoxiously clear to me and everybody else who watched the very revealing National Geographic cable channel. Its made blatantly obvious that–FREE TRADE–from Mexico, is more important than the protection of the population of the United States by our own politicians. Each day thousands of 18 wheelers cross the border, to the gargantuan profit the owners of large American corporations with products manufactured the other side of the border. But amongst that “Free Trade” is hidden large quantities of every conceivable narcotic, that the majority slips undetected past our undermanned, underfunded border. The border fence is an absolute parody when Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano tells the nation that the border is far more secure? That’s yet another joke thats on citizens, expressly the Americans who live in the border region.

    Communications is limited to Sheriffs and police enforcement, DEA, the US border Patrol because their is no single designated frequency and never have enough men-women. THIS IS THE TIME WE MUST INSIST ON EVERY BORDER STATE, PICKETING ARMED NATIONAL GUARD, TO REINFORCE THE US BORDER PATROL. This is an absolute fabrication, because the TV documentary showed the tracks of drug smugglers called (Mules) hiking across millions of acres of desert and open range. One farmer, exposed to the viewer the miles of a three-stranded, rusted barbed wire, shallow river crossings and the hundreds of tracks of illegal aliens crossing into his land. The politicians can pretend that the border between us and them is sealed, but it is not a practical joke to the ranchers. They explain they cannot leave their homes, unless they are armed and has been this way for ten years or more.

    Its a literary a horror story of homes ransacked, cattle fences cut and piles of human garbage left behind. Everybody has a price, which includes the environmentalists who remain quiet to trash left in the desert. The whole truth resonated throughout the majority of the independent media, when a elderly Rancher, a humanitarian was slain for some obscure reason. Found dead slumped across his ATV, the investigators followed the footprints back to the border line and suspect drug traffickers? Just a month ago Homeland Security resources were cut that included further construction of the fence. The lies have reflected back on the politicians pushing for another outrageous mass Amnesty, as the separating fence between Mexico and the US, should have been 2 barriers. NOT ONE? With security patrolling tracks in the middle. But instead we got a fence that doesn’t exist in many places, where drug pedestrians and illegal aliens can slip through with ease. Some illegal aliens enter our sovereign nation to work, but millions find its simple to get free hand-outs from Liberal run state assemblies.

    It’s all to easy to fool the man -women in the street, who have never viewed the FENCE? Just like E-Verify that rejects illegal nationals from the workforce or the local police enforcement program 287 (g) It’s like a repeat performance to inform the public that the people they voted in to office are working for their interest, when in fact they are pandering to a corrupt foreign government or the open border organizations. The list is long, but they are headed by Sen. Reid, Sen. McCain, Speaker pelosi, Sen. Graham, Sen. Schumer as all are involved as an advocacy of illegal immigration. WANT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BORDER FENCE, go to AMERICANPATROL

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  4. Olen Breda Says:

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