That Stubborn Unemployment Distraction

Today it was reported that the number of new unemployment claims was 2,000 fewer than expected.   Despite the “improvement” there were still 439,000 new claims.  That’s nearly half a million people in a single month.   To put it into perspective, that’s roughly the number of people who live in Tulsa Oklahoma.  All newly without jobs.  An entire city’s population wiped out in one month alone.
That’s after TARP, the “stimulus” bill, the omnibus spending bill, the current budget, and health care “reform”.
Weren’t these massive spending measures going to solve that stubborn unemployment distraction mr genius “president”?  That nasty distraction from your agenda to fundamentally transform America into a cradle to grave nanny state?  A big government monstrosity with a growing number of government dependent citizens?
Where are those jobs you promised mr genius “president”?
Do you still believe that American voters are so stupid they’ll continue to believe that fewer people than expected losing their jobs is good news?
These results are solely because carefully pre-screened temporary workers were hired by an SEIU controlled, politically corrupted census being run by Rahm Emanuel, your chief of staff.

Hey mr genius “president”, how about you pull your oversized ego out of your high emissions tailpide?  When you act like Jimmy Carter, you’re going to get Jimmy Carter like results.  Do you remember what those results were mr genius “president”??   How about you start acting like Ronald Reagan?  Cut taxes and cut spending so private sector businesses can start growing again!  After President Reagan cut taxes the American economy responded with the longest sustained period of peacetime growth in history.

Have you ever studied history mr genius “president”? EVER??


Either you’re a complete dunderhead, mr genius “president”, or you’re truly an evil human being trying with all your might to destroy America.  Remember America?  The last best hope for mankind?

I’m not wishing anyone a happy April Fool’s Day today.  With dimwit regressive socialist revolutionary radicals running America into the ground, what makes this one day different from the rest?


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