Republicans blast House Democrats’ idea to use ‘self-executing rule’ to pass health-care bill

The debate centers on a parliamentary technique that is a variant on the “rule” that the House adopts for every bill that comes to a floor vote. Rules define the ground rules for the vote, including amendments, length of the debate and other terms. Under a self-executing rule, the House essentially agrees that a vote on one measure is tantamount to, or “deemed” as, deciding on something related.

In this instance, the self-executing rule would say that the Senate’s version of health-care legislation would be deemed approved if House members adopt a set of changes to that bill. The Senate then would have to approve the changes, but the original bill could go directly to President Obama to be signed into law.

Pelosi: ‘Once we kick through this door,’ more reform will follow | Washington Examiner

It’s obvious that this creature isn’t American. The question remains: Is Nancy Pelosi human? 

 This is it folks. Are we going to sit idly by while the regressives fundamentally transform America into an unconstitutiontal cradle to grave nanny state? KILL THIS BILL!


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