Standing In Awe

If you’re not standing in awe of the current White House occupant you’re not paying close enough attention.

If you support him, you’re convinced that the Tea Party movement is merely a fad.  You believe that Tea Parties participants view Social Security and Medicare as socialistic programs that never should have existed.  You firmly believe that States Rights as outlined in the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are radical right wing ideas.  You proport that opposition to deficit spending, government run health care (which includes taxpayer funded abortion), and gay marriage rights is unpatriotic.  You’re firmly resolved to the idea that global warming is settled science.  You’re absolutely convinced  that supporting free speech and gun rights is dangerous.

If you oppose him, you see the Tea Party movement as exactly what America needed.  You know that Social Security and Medicare are huge, unfunded mandates which in a prescious few years will bankrupt the country.  You understand that adherence to States Rights as outlined in the Tenth Amendment means governing our Republic in the way intended by its framers.  You realize that uncontrolled deficit spending is both unsustainable and a death knell to the Republic.  By seeing how it works in other countries you know that  government run health care is a step backwards for your own well being.   You see taxpayer funded abortion as government stealing your money to pay for an act with which you completely disagree on moral grounds.  You see gay marriage as an assault of the most fundamental building block of human civilization: the family.   You’ve realized that global warming is a scam for redistributing wealth by making Socialist friendly corporations filthy rich and sending what’s left to third world dictatorial regimes.  You know that the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution are absolutely necessary in order to preserve the American tradition of individual liberty.

So what does any of this have to do with standing in awe of “the annointed one”?

How many times in your life have you been driven to make such a clear decision on what you believe and on which side of the fence you stand?

I’m in awe.

Pick a side.  I’ll see you on the battlefield.


2 Responses to “Standing In Awe”

  1. Kasey Turso Says:

    Can any Republicans who consider themselves bright explain how Bushes TARP was NOT Socialism? Can any of you assure me, regardless of what your Political Party Tells it believes in and has for however long, I should believe a sole word of it after watching continuing deficit disbursal under your politicos? I excuse Reagan from this – the Eastern Bloc needed to be trounced and I reckon he’s the only leader of the last fifty years who had a sensible excuse for it and as I see it we broken their backs economically. But since then?

  2. mjfellright Says:

    You’re still playing the same old Republican vs Democrat game. That’s what the “progressives” want you to do. The problem is, “progressives”, who populate both parties. Personally, I prefer to call “progressives” what they really are: regressive socialist liars.

    Conservatives stand for smaller government, lowered taxes, lowered spending and reduced regulation.

    George W. Bush was NOT a Conservative. He was a regressive socialist liar.

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