State of the Union Response

Very interesting how a politician who’s now a consummate Washington insider would attempt to lecture about the negative connotations of “Washington” as if he’s still an outsider.

An individual who seemingly spends the majority of his waking hours flying around the world making speeches deems to caution others against the perils of being in perpetual campaign mode? Was that meant to be a joke?  If it was, that makes two jobs for which he’s unqualified.

Displeased with partisan rancor and deep divisions between the two sides of the aisle? Take a look in the mirror mister.  Take a look at Congressional members of your own Party.

A call for an end to the influence of lobbyists and special interest groups? Look within your own administration.  Waivers that allow seven lobbyists to work directly for you, and the head of SEIU being your most frequent White House visitor don’t get you off the hook.

A freeze on spending for three years? To what end?  So you can grandstand on that fiction despite the fact that your government increased spending by twelve percent last year? Are you hoping that nobody notices that the projected savings amount to just over one half of one percent of federal spending?  Are you hoping that nobody notices that such a freeze will also prevent a looming Republican Congressional majority from enacting spending cuts?

Check out a list of lies told…er, ah…I mean mistakes by the current White House occupant during last night’s State of the Union speech:

P.S. Climate change has been happening on earth since it came into existence…long before early humans first started lighting fires to keep away predators and cook their food. People are on to the “climate change” scam and are well aware of the damage such legislation will do to our country.

I really hate to break the news to you, but we’re not as dumb as you and your cronies believe.


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