Third Party Ponderings

Todays political climate has prompted considerable speculation regarding the possibility that Conservatives, unhappy with candidate choices made by the GOP, will spin off and form a third party.  Some are calling for a new, Conservative “Tea Party”.  That pondering such dramatic action is seen by some as a viable option is evidence that recent political occurrences have initiated a seismic shift in the political landscape. 

From 2000 to 2006, a Republican Congressional majority abandoned traditional Conservative values and practiced spending habits that were indistinguishable from Democrats.  They didn’t demonstrate the fiscal responsibility or financial discipline that resulted in balanced budgets and projected surpluses in the 1990s.  As a result, the size of government, spending, entitlements, deficits and debt all grew.  This opened the door for the Democratic Party.  After running a very successful campaign based on false promises of fiscal responsibility, the current Democratic majority and White House have propelled us towards doubling our debt in five years and tripling it in ten.  This isn’t the path to long term economic growth, stability or prosperity.  It never will be.  Big government consumes wealth, it doesn’t create wealth.

Progressive socialists (formerly known as liberals, hereinafter referred to as regressive socialists)  glorify the state.  It should be quite obvious to clear minded people that the true agenda of regressive socialists is single party socialist rule in perpetuity.  Economic viability, domestic security, national sovereignty, individual liberties and adherence to Constitutional principles are all secondary to their primary goal: Permanent, complete and utter subjugation of America’s citizens.

It’s stongly indicated that a paradigm shift is taking place in American politics today.  It’s reasonable to expect that in the near future, elections will be decided more by who’s a Conservative vs who’s a regressive socialist, and less by who’s a Republican vs who’s a Democrat.

What of a third party?

For Conservatives who understand there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate or a perfect party, the chances are slim to none.  Recent American history shows that the story of Ross Perot’s candidacy in 1992 and 1996 should be educational enough to dissuade third party proponents.  That is, unless their own agenda is to ensure regressive socialist rule.  Conservatives must keep in mind that now all too familiar phenomenon know as unintended consequences.

A revitalized, Conservative Republican Party, with its feet held firmly to the fire by Tea Party Patriots before AND after elections is the best way to defeat the regressive socialist agenda as well as prevent a lapse back into George W. Bush era laxity.

Those dissatisfied with the current state of the Republican Party are obligated to get involved and work to make it more to their liking.  If you don’t have the time, energy and intestinal fortitude to engage in such activity you should remove yourselves from the discussion.

Action speaks louder than words.


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