The Value of Hyprocisy

Never in my life did I expect to witness the birth of a rationale that allows blacks to excuse a white politician who’s admitted to describing a black man as acceptable because he’s light skinned enough, or because he doesn’t speak with any of that “Negro dialect”.  This is what you’d expect to hear from the mouth of a moderate KKK member, as if ever such an animal existed.

Welcome to twenty first century political correctness American style.

Why are Harry Reid’s recently disclosed remarks about race worthy of debate?  Why should the very question of progressive socialist hyprocrisy even be seriously considered?

Any honest human being blessed by their Creator with even a modicum of intelligence knows that progressive socialists are pathological liars who excuse the most egregious statements made by their leaders provided that by doing so they somehow strengthen, further or immunize their Marxist agenda.

Remember the very spirit of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”:  the ends always justify the means.

This is but a first step in solidifying the progressive socialist base against what their leaders will portray as a racist Conservative onslaught.  A smear campaign launched by wingnut ditto heads from the fringe right wing of an irrelevant, shrinking, regionalized Republican Party.  Undoubtedly instigated by extremist viewpoints enunciated by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, or Glenn Beck.  The return of Hillary Clinton’s dreaded “vast right wing conspiracy”.

It’s a golden opportunity for progressive socialists to strengthen their position regarding race prior to the looming debate over amnesty for illegal aliens.

It also helps distract attention away from one of the most critical pieces of the progressive socialist legislative puzzle: health care “reform”.

Each moment the media spends reporting on the Harry Reid racism question is another moment the public, seemingly riddled with ADD, is distracted from the status of legislation which allows a government takeover of one sixth of the U.S. economy and negetavely impact the lives of current and future American citizens.

It also elicits far left sympathy for a candidate who’s facing a tough uphill battle for re-election.  Especially within a certain critical demographic.

If need be, since the ends always justify the means, then surely sacrificing  a Senate Majority Leader upon the altar of health care refom is a small price to pay for advancing the long term goal of subjugating Americas unsuspecting citizenry.

Good ole Harry’s ready to take one for the team.  He’s probably not getting re-elected anyway.


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