Unemployment Holds at 10 Percent…For How Long?

The current White House occupant was on the tube today talking up his new green energy jobs creation program. 

What a waste of taxpayer money.

Given the nature of today’s global economy, America isn’t going to produce cost competitive solar panels, windmills or anything else until costs are cut through reduced labor demands and the elimination of business-hostile regulations and red tape.  In reality, such cost containing measures are necessary for a bright American future.  Without economic vitality the United States can kiss global power and influence goodbye.

occupant’s plan will lead to favored companies opening shop for so long as the public trough feeds their financial demands.  Once that money evaporates their production jobs will flee to places like China, where manufacturing isn’t shackled by the costs of overbearing, overdemanding, unsatisfiable union labor or draconian regulations.

So much for good paying, green manufacturing jobs that won’t be going overseas.

Since the stock market’s up, the fringe left media keeps talking about an economic recovery.  The market’s up because investors are buying stock in companies that’ve managed to improve their bottom line through lower operating costs achieved by laying off workers, exactly like UPS announced today.

The current Administration’s loaded with Wall Street bankers, Wall Street investors, and supported by billionaires, corporations and unions.  Republican’s are small business owners struggling to keep their doors open, and what’s left of a rapidly shrinking middle class.  Yet the progressive socialist lie that greedy Conservative fat cats are the problem with America’s economy continues to exist.  Why does this lie persist against all evidence to the contrary?

That under these conditions the gains on Wall Street are reported as economic recovery closes the case on whether the fringe left media is sold out to the proressive socialist agenda.

What we have in America today is big government central planning, orchestrated by career politicians, lobbyists, unions, special interests and academics with little or no business experience who’re hell bent on the redistribution of taxpayer wealth.  Their plan is to redistribute that wealth to the coffers of businesses that are demonstrably supportive of progressive socialist power.

To what end?

Progressive socialist politicians will redistribute taxpayer money to companies that toe the green energy line while destroying the fossil fuel industry through cap and tax legislation.  Progressive socialist fat cats will keep their multi-million dollar jobs and live their lives in luxury while working and middle class jobs go overseas where labor is most cost effective.  Increasing numbers of Americans will depend on the government dole for mere survival and the government will gain control over an increasing number of American citizens.

Middle class prosperity will end.  The highest standard of living in human history will erode.  Progressive socialist industry barons will reap huge financial rewards and an ever expanding government’s influence will dominate the landscape.

Everyone will go home happy.

Except average, everyday American workers.

We’ve seen this story play out before.  We know how it ends.  Once again we’ll learn the hard way that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.


2 Responses to “Unemployment Holds at 10 Percent…For How Long?”

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