EPA replacing Bush smog limit with stricter rule

Once again, the policies of the current Administration, this time promoted by a politicized EPA and supported by economically hostile environmentalists, are consciously electing to shackle the prospects of robust economic recovery.

During a period of economic downturn that the current White House occupant has declared as “the worst since the Great Depression” the EPA’s decided that now’s the time for counties in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, the Dakotas, Kansas, Minnesota and Iowa to join counties in Texas, California, and the northeastern coast in conforming to stricter regulations which will cost tens of billions of dollars to implement?

Exactly how on earth is this helpful to business within these regions?  How much growth will be lost due to an imposed need to divert monetary assets to the fulfillment of these government requirements?  How much revenue will be lost to the IRS as a result of a de facto cap on jobs creation caused by forced implementation of these new regulations?

To paraphrase: How many jobs won’t be “saved or created”? 

What will this do to the energy costs of people living within these areas?  The more families are forced to spend on their energy needs, the less they’ll have left for discretionary spending, which currently accounts for seventy percent of America’s economy.

How much dicretionary spending will exist if there’re no businesses left to employ people?  Why is the American economy so dependent on consumer spending?

However, I digress…

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said: “Using the best science to strengthen these standards is long overdue action that will help millions of Americans breathe easier and live healthier.”

Exactly how much are people going to enjoy this new, healthier air quality while they’re inflicted with unnecessarily higher energy costs, job losses and less energy security?  Won’t it be a great comfort knowing we’re all breathing easier while we’re standing in unemployment, welfare, or soup lines ?

“I’m broke, sleeping on a park bench and starving, but boy that air sure smells sweet…brother, can you spare a dime?


WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday proposed stricter health standards for smog, replacing a Bush-era limit that ran counter to scientific recommendations.


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