Why do you think we call it as health care?

Not so long ago in a land not so far away, a man was suddenly faced with a decision about the downturn in the health of his wife of 50 years…the mother of their 10 children. 

Following the advice of hardworking healthcare professionals, after consulting with his conscience, this man agreed to the medical steps necessary to save his spouse’s life.  The doctors went to work, and they worked nearly a miracle.  She not only survived, she lived for another two and one half years. 

On the day years later when the paramedics arrived to take her body to the morgue; when the paramedics arrived, my father was still giving my mother mouth to mouth resuscitation. 


Nobody involved in my mother’s loss to emphysema ever regretted the decision that was made by my father or those doctors.  Those decisions were made by people who not only cared about saving my mother, but cared about saving human life. 

Why do you think we call it as health care?

Can anyone here today say that in their heart of hearts, they truly believe that a governing board, could possibly make better life and death decisions concerning the ones we love?  A governing board who’s primary function will be to contain the cost of medicine can’t be trusted with the lives of those we hold so dear.  Sure, they might find a way to save money, but at what cost?

Heaven knows, I’m very grateful to have had my mother around for those years.  So are my brothers and sisters.  So are her twenty four grandchildren.  There’s no way you’ll ever convince me that a price tag can be placed on the value of the time we spent together.  Her life, like all human life, was precious and sacred.  Let no human power assign a dollar amount to the value of any human life. 

There’s a major debate taking place in Washington DC.  Call the Senate, melt their phone lines, jam their faxes, clog their email in-boxes.  Let them know that you won’t stand for the rationing that will follow if we have government run health care crammed down our throats.  We must stop this abomination.

So help us, God.


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