Energy Independence

Energy Independence-

There’s widespread consensus in the United States that America needs to become energy independent. America’s ever growing dependence on foreign energy puts her at greater risk in a highly unstable world.

That’s pretty much where the agreement ends.

Liberals feel an urgent need to create a green environment. Proposals made by the Obama administration and congressional Democrats indicate a desire to achieve this end at all costs, come what may. Stiffer regulations on auto emissions and mileage, carbon cap and trade regulations on energy providers, regulations against development of domestic natural resources, government spending on solar, wind, tide and bio-fuel technology dominate the landscape.

While these measures do promote the development of renewable energies, they dictate a highly impatient, frenetic pace that will cripple the American economy at a moment of great fragility. They force the issue at the worst possible time…during a deep recession. The cost of cap and trade legislation alone will lead to an increase of $1,600 to $3,100 to the annual budget of the average American household.
America’s public and industrial infrastructure is based chiefly on the use of fossil fuels: petroleum, natural gas and coal, as well as limited nuclear power. Virtually everyone who drives drives a vehicle that burns gasoline or diesel fuel. Public transportation relies on fossil fuels as well. Natural gas, heating oil and coal are used in our furnaces to heat our homes and places of business. Coal and nuclear power generate electricity, which powers countless devices, the uses of which we take for granted every day. Coal, natural gas and petroleum products power American’s industrial complex, the base of our economic engine. America’s economy depends heavily on these existing sources of power. These methods of providing and consuming energy are all deeply ingrained into our business, manufacturing and home life.

It’s impractical to expect to change the methods of powering an entire society of 304 million people overnight. It’s going to take time to finish such an enormous task. More time than most people realize.

In the meantime, what energy’s going to be used in the manufacture, delivery and installation of the windmills, solar panels, turbines, generators and power grid required to provide renewable energy to the public? The renewable energy delivery system that yet awaits construction? No, sorry. The energy that’s going to be used will be traditional fossil fuels.

Why are we going to continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on foreign energy while America’s making this conversion to renewable energy sources? Why aren’t we keeping those billions of dollars at home, in our own economy?

At a time when millions of Americans are looking for work and our economy is starving for liquid capital, why aren’t we taking advantage of our own wealth of natural resources? Why aren’t we giving Americans jobs drilling for oil and natural gas or digging for coal? Why aren’t we putting people to work building refineries and power plants? Why aren’t we giving energy employees jobs delivering gas, coal and natural gas to consumers? How many peripheral jobs will be created in the process? For every new oil well, power plant, refinery or mine there will be new roads built, followed by restaurants, stores and housing. All provided by the private sector.

In the interest of national security and job creation, America should be putting Americans to work delivering American energy to Americans. This is the best way to power our conversion to a “green” energy sector. Attempting to force a green agenda upon America overnight will only lead to the destruction of our economy.

We don’t need a broken economy. We need energy independence.

Let’s do it the right way.


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